LORD Structural Adhesives for Trucks and Trailers

LORD Adhesives
offers a wide variety of acrylic, urethane, and epoxy structural adhesives to be used for bonding metals and plastics on trucks and trailers. They can also be used for panel bonding applications and sealing seams. The innovative adhesives offer improved durability and strength, with enhanced aesthetics and increased throughput, unlike rivets. Some other added benefits of LORD structural adhesives for trailers include, (LRT) low read-through, numerous cure speeds, no welds or mechanical fastening systems, and one step bond and seal.

What makes Lord Adhesives different is there exceptional technical support, there ongoing investments in the latest technologies and their mission to ensure all of your design needs are met along the way of production.



LORD 7800

When you need a strong bond, make it Maxlok


With more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing structural bonding solutions, our extensive line of acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives improve appearance, strength and durability, while offering you design flexibility and total cost savings. Compared to traditional fastening methods such as rivets, welds and tapes, LORD Structural Adhesives eliminate the costs associated with metal preparation and finishing operations to improve your manufacturing processes.



LORD 406/19 Acrylic Adhesive

Lord 406 is a multipurpose adhesive that has the capability of bonding difficult metals and plastics. It delivers the maximum peel and impact strength in a room temperature curing adhesive.


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    LORD Structural Adhesives

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    LORD Structural Adhesives for Service Work Trucks

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    Electronic Materials for LED Applications

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    LORD Potting & Encapsulation Materials

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    LORD Maxlok MX/T3, MX/T6, MX/T18 Acrylic Adhesives

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    LORD Electronic Materials for LED Applications

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    LORD 810 Low Read-Through Adhesive

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    LORD 7610DTM Direct-to-Metal Adhesive/Sealant


  • Potting Wiring Harnesses for Lighting

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company specializing in fountains. Their current supplier was discontinuing their product and they needed a replacement. What is the application? Potting wiring harnesses for lighting. What issues was the end-user having? The current supplier was discontinuing their product. What material was used to solve the issue? LORD EP6035. Why…

  • Bonding Endcaps Tumbler Assembly

    The story: Krayden worked closely with a national Agricultural Cultivator to develop their very first machine. Partnering with LORD, Krayden helped to solve bonding issues of their endcaps due to material composition. Fast forward more than a year later and several LORD bonding tests later, this company is producing 500+ machines a year and dominating…

  • LORD 7800 Fast Curing Urethane Adhesive

    LORD 7800 Urethane Fast Cure Adhesive LORD 7800 is an equal mix, two-component, urethane adhesive that is intended to bond composites, plastic, and SMC. This product takes little surface preparation and can even bond painted metals. LORD 7800 cures quickly and is able to reach full strength within 24 hours or sometimes less with no…

  • LORD E-301AD

    Buy LORD E-301AD LORD E-301AD is a low viscosity, single component encapsulation material. This innovative material offers high voltage insulation, excellent heat transfer and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. It provides low surface tension and the compound also offers good wetting properties. It has high fluidity and is recommended for potting intricate circuitry.…

  • Thermoset 937

    Buy Thermoset 937 Thermoset 937 is a one component, black epoxy encapsulant, formulated to meet the needs of coating semiconductor devices on printed circuit boards. This advanced material has a fast cure, curing at 150 degrees Celsius with a void-free, smooth surface. It is environmentally resistant, with excellent resistance to moisture and thermal shock. As…

  • Circalok 6037

    Buy Circalok 6037 Lord Circalok 6037 is a thixotropic paste that offers low shrinkage, high heat transfer and a coefficient of thermal expansion that is similar to that of aluminum or copper. This advanced epoxy product is formulated to be used by the semiconductor industry. It is capable of resisting severe temperature cycling and it…

  • LORD 3170

    Buy LORD 3170 LORD 3170 is a two component epoxy adhesive system designed to bond a wide variety of substrates including glass, metals, reinforced plastics, ceramics and foam materials for cryogenic applications. This advanced material has minimal outgassing suitable for aerospace applications and it will provide high strengths even in cold environments. The appearance of…

  • Circalok 6035

    Buy Circalock 6035 Circalok 6035 is a two component, low viscosity, flame retardant, room temperature curing potting material. This advanced product mixed together is visually a black color and the viscosity at 25 degrees Celsius is 12,000 cps. It has a tensile strength of 5,000 psi and the elongation is approximately 5 percent. The service…

  • LORD 7650 Urethane

    Buy LORD 7650 LORD 7650 is a moisture cure, single-pack, urethane adhesive adhering to plastics, fabrics, prepared metals, urethane foams and polyethylene foam. It provides good water and chemical resistances while delivering good Impact resistance. LORD 7650 Urethane is a single component material that provides green strength and high initial tack. Typical applications for this…

  • LORD 306

    Buy LORD 306 LORD 306 is a general purpose, high viscosity, non-sag epoxy adhesive. This innovative adhesive conforms to the military specification of MIL-1-24456 and can be heat cured or room temperature cured. The product performs at temperatures from -34 to 121 degrees Celsius. It is an adhesive system that is used for applications that…

  • LORD 7542

    Buy LORD 7542 LORD 7542 is an advanced urethane adhesive used to bond SMC, FRP and other plastics with minimal surface preparation as well as bonding unprimed metals. This material is non-flammable, not requiring explosion proof equipment. It is also available in a wide range of working times to accommodate different process requirements. LORD 7542…

  • LORD 7550

    Buy LORD 7550 Lord 7550 is a urethane adhesive that resists weathering, sunlight, humidity, and salt spray. This advanced adhesive is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and chemically resistant. It was specifically formulated to bond polycarbonate, ABS, Lexan and a variety of other plastic materials. It is also capable of bonding many primed metals. LORD 7550 Urethane…

  • LORD 310

    Buy LORD 310 LORD 310 is a modified, environmentally friendly epoxy adhesive that is formulated to bond a variety of materials including plastics, prepared metals, urethane and prepared rubber. The general purpose adhesive is designed to bond oil field equipment, disk drives, vibration dampening mounts, automotive body panels and spoilers. LORD 310 is a two…

  • LORD Thermoset SC-309

    Buy LORD SC-309 LORD SC-309 is a thermally conductive material formulated to encapsulate electronic devices. It is UL 94 V-O certified providing outstanding flame retardant characteristics. This material is also environmentally resistant, providing excellent shock thermal shock resistance. Once fully mixed together, LORD SC309 has a light gray liquid appearance with a viscosity of 3600…

  • Lord Maxlok MX/T3, MX/T6 and MX/T18 Acrylic Adhesives

    Lord Maxlok MX/T3, MX/T6, and MX/T18 are all acrylic adhesives manufactured to replace riveting, brazing, welding and other fastening methods. These high-quality adhesives are capable of providing a strong bond on a wide variety of unprepared metals in temperatures ranging from -40 to 149 degrees Celsius. Lord Maxlok Acrylic Adhesives are available in a range…

  • LORD 406/19 Acrylic Adhesive

    LORD 406/19 is formulated as an off-white to tan paste, with excellent temperature resistance.LORD 406 mixed with LORD Accelerator 19 creates a two-part adhesive that has the capabilities to bond to wide range of prepared and unprepared metals and plastics The main application of this product is to replace brazing, welding, riveting and other mechanical…

  • Solar Power International 2011, Krayden to exhibit specialty materials

    Krayden, Inc. and K.R. Anderson, Inc., leading distributors of engineered materials will showcase leading suppliers’ technologies in Booth #5662 at the upcoming Solar Power International, scheduled to take place October 17-20, 2011 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Offering the most diverse and largest line of silicone products, Dow Corning Solar Solutions offers…

  • Circalok 6008 Potting Compound by LORD

    The epoxy resin, Circalok 6008 is a filled low viscosity used for general purposes as an encapsulating and potting compound for electronics.  The LORD Thermoset 6008 offers an easy flow around densely packed and intricate circuitry. The encapsulating compound offers good insulation, protecting components from moisture and vibrations while offering an easy pour reducing or…

  • New Acrylic Adhesive Maxlok by LORD Adhesives

    Announcing a new acrylic adhesive with versatile substrate bonding capabilities  manufactured by the LORD Corporation.  This cutting edge technology allows surfaces to be mated more than once allowing for a more forgiving and user friendly application process. For use in various industries such as; solar, transportation, shipping and construction.  The new Maxlok acrylic adhesive comes…

  • Solar Power 2009-Material Suppliers Combine Forces to Address Growing Industry Needs

    K.R. Andreson Inc. and Krayden Inc. announce they have combined their marketing forces to service, support and supply the growing solar industry.  Both companies are leading suppliers for high technology applications in manufacturing and represent “The Premier Material Manufacturers” in the industry.  The most recent list of Krayden, Inc and KR Anderson’s manufacturing partners include;…