Pioneering technologically advanced epoxy, acrylic
and polyurethane-based polymer products.

Huntsman’s epoxies, polyurethanes, and methacrylates, provide users with outstanding
performance, as well as easy handling and processing. Their expertise in high-performance
adhesives and composites enable them to develop products and solutions formulated
to satisfy your specific project requirements.


Huntsman Araldite Adhesives

Huntsman Araldite Industrial strength adhesives.


Huntsman is a leading global chemical solutions provider with a long heritage of pioneering technologically advanced epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products. The company’s history dates back to 1758, when J.R. Geigy Ltd., the oldest chemical company in Switzerland, began trading in chemicals and dyes. Today, Huntsman’s legacy of technological innovation, and applications expertise, provides more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries with reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions that address engineering challenges across a broad range of industries. Their expertise in high-performance adhesives and composites enable them to develop products and solutions formulated to satisfy your specific project requirements.

Huntsman Uralane 5774 A/C

Huntsman Uralane 5774 A/C self-extinguishing, polyurethane adhesive.


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  • Football Helmet Assembly

    The story: Krayden partnered with a manufacturer having difficulties with bonding inner padding to the interior of football helmets. The Issue was the surface was hard to bond and needed a high shear strength. Huntsman Araldite 8680/8685 was used to solve the issue because it provided the best adhesion to their substrates, and it was…

  • Epibond 1559 Epoxy Adhesive

    Epibond 1559 Self Extinguishing Epoxy Adhesive: For jobs requiring rapid repair, Epibond 1559-1 A/B and C/D are an ideal choice for epoxy adhesives due to their quick set times, particularly at colder temperatures. These adhesives are both self-extinguishing pastes that are made up of two separate parts and are suitable for a multitude of bonding…

  • Fastweld 10 A/B Epoxy Adhesive

    Huntsman Fastweld 10 A/B Rapid Setting Epoxy Adhesive Suitable for repair work and bonding small parts, Fastweld 10 is great for general purpose shop applications. This rapid-setting epoxy adhesive offers a user-friendly one-to-one mix ratio by volume or weight. The two-component paste is able to create strong bonds in a short period of time. Huntsman’s…

  • Araldite 2040 A/B

    Araldite 2040 A/B is a two component, low shrinkage, flexible polyurethane adhesive. This advanced material is well suited for bonding polycarbonate, polyamides as well as primed metals. It has excellent gap filling properties and the material is ideal for thick bondlines. The product is specifically designed to be used as a structural adhesive and it…

  • Epocast 52-A/B Epoxy Laminating System

    Epocast 52 A/B is an epoxy laminating system designed to fabricate and repair graphite composites. This product combines great hot-wet strength and low-temperature vacuum bag curing capability. This two-part material is built for service up to 350°F. Epocast 52 A/B is of low viscosity and offers good wetting. This epoxy laminating system can be cured…

  • Araldite AV 8504 Resin/ TDT 177-27 Hardener

    If you need material that delivers high bond strength, great sag resistance, and all around toughness, Huntsman Araldite AV 8504 Epoxy Adhesive is a great choice. This two component system can be cured at elevated temperatures as well as at room temperature. Once this resin/ hardener is fully cured, it will provide nothing short of…

  • Huntsman CG-1305 A/B Epoxy Syntactic

    Huntsman CG-1305 A/B is a pourable, medium density resin/ hardener system that has been designed to aid in creating strong and durable reinforcements throughout aircraft production. The use of this material is not limited to aircraft production, and can also be utilized in other industrial applications that require a low weight, high-strength resin system. Due…

  • Huntsman Araldite 2012 Epoxy Paste Adhesive

    Araldite 2012 is a low shrinkage, fast-curing structural adhesive that has been designed to bond an extensive selection of ceramics, metals, rigid plastics, glass, rubbers, and much more. This adhesive is a great general purpose paste that proves itself tough and resilient when bonding a wide variety of materials. From industrial to craftsman’s applications, Araldite…

  • Huntsman Epocast 50-A1

    Huntsman’s Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 is designed for the manufacture and repair of composite structures. This unfilled and easy-to-handle material is solvent-free, and self-extinguishing. Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 can also be used for filament winding, and is qualified to the Boeing BMS 8-201, Type IV specification. If a longer work life…

  • EPOCAST 1622 FST A/B Epoxy Syntactic

    Huntsman’s Epocast 1622 FST A/B has been designed for applications in need of high grade flammability resistance as well as low toxicity and low smoke density. This material is a two-component, pumpable epoxy syntactic that is easily extruded through Semco dispensing nozzles. Epocast 1622 FST A/B does not flow after it has been applied and…

  • Krayden will be at The Assembly Show #243

    “THE TECHNICAL SOLUTION IN DISTRIBUTION” Krayden Adhesives and Sealants, will be exhibiting at The Assembly Show 2015 in booth #243 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Stop by our booth and talk to our Technical Representatives about the innovative product lines we carry including Dow Corning, Henkel, Huntsman, LORD, HumiSeal, Alpha Solder,…

  • Epibond 200 A/B

    Buy Epibond 200 A/B Epibond 200 A/B is a two component, extrudable, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. It is an advanced material that offers a service temperature from -55 to 93 degrees Celsius as well as providing high peel and shear strength. It has good retention of strength after environmental aging and it has no…

  • Epocast 1614-A1

    Buy Epocast 1614-A1 Epocast 1614-A1 is a one component, frozen, low density epoxy syntactic material that is specifically designed to be used on honeycomb composite parts that require a high compressive strength at temperatures up to 177 degrees Celsius. This innovative material is also well suited for attachment or fastener potting and panel edge reinforcing.…

  • Araldite 2042

    Buy Araldite 2042 Araldite 2042 is a two part, rapid curing, high strength polyurethane adhesive designed for bonding plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, and nylon with minimal substrate preparation. This advanced material is also known to bond materials with differing CTEs like nylon to stainless steel. Once cured, it offers excellent environmental stability and impact resistance.…

  • Epocast 1645

    Buy Epocast 1645 Epocast 1645 is a two component, flame retardant, ultra-low density, epoxy void and edge filler. This advanced material is designed for edge filling and reinforcing honeycomb structures that are used in interior applications in the aerospace industry. Both A and B are non-sticky, extremely soft paste which can be easily mixed together…

  • Araldite 2028

    Fit to bond an assortment of plastic and metal substrates, Araldite 2028 is a two component polyurethane adhesive consisting of a transparent hardener and a transparent resin. Water clear and fast curing, this structural adhesive’s flashpoint is above 100°C and it remains UV stable. The polyurethane cures at room temperature and allows the adhesive to…

  • Epocast 1633

    Buy Epocast 1633 Epocast 1633 is a quick setting, self-extinguishing, two component, halogen-free, syntactic paste. This material is well suited for potting fasteners in honeycomb structures. The epoxy syntactic is easily extruded through the nozzle, but the material becomes non-flowing after applying. Epocast 1633 A/B is available in dual-barrel cartridges making it easy to handle…

  • Araldite 2015

    Araldite 2015 is a two component, toughened epoxy adhesive that is ideal for bonding SMC, GRP and dissimilar substrates. This advanced adhesive cures at room temperature offering low shrinkage and a resilient bond once cured. It is a non-sagging product up to 10 mm thickness providing high shear and peel strength. Pot life of 100…

  • Epocast 1628 A/B

    Buy Epocast 1628 Epocast 1628 is a two component, self-extinguishing, non-sag, low density, epoxy syntactic. This product is well suited for edge reinforcing of honeycomb structures. The appearance of part A resin is a soft white paste and part B is yellow colored. Once the two components are mixed together it forms a pale yellow…

  • Araldite 2013

    Buy Araldite 2013 Araldite 2013 is a metallic colored, two component, low shrinkage, epoxy paste adhesive. This advanced material is suitable for vertical applications and it is capable of bonding a wide variety of substrates. The epoxy is room temperature curing and has good chemical and environmental resistance. It is specifically designed for metal bonding…

  • Huntsman Uralane 5774 A/C

    Buy Huntsman 5774 Huntsman 5774 is a self-extinguishing, polyurethane adhesive that cures at room temperature or elevated temperatures. Once cured, this material forms a high strength, impact resistant, tough bond on metal or thermoplastic substrates. This advanced product is qualified to BMS 5-105, Type 5. It comes in easy to use Accumix cartridges for fast…

  • Epibond 420

    Buy Epibond 420 A/B Epibond 420 A/B is an innovative structural epoxy adhesive that meets the requirements of BMS 5-107. This room temperature cure paste is extremely tough and resilient on a wide variety of honey comb, metal and fiber-reinforced composite applications that require good peel strength and high sheer strength. Epibond 420 is a…

  • Epocast 1652

    Buy Epocast 1652 Epocast 1652 is an advanced epoxy syntactic providing excellent temperature performance after it is room temperature cured. This high quality material is ideal for adding strength and toughness to wide variety of fabricated parts including core splicing, helicopter rotor blades and much more. Epocast 1652 A/B is a two component system that…

  • Epibond 1210

    Buy Epibond 1210 Manufactured by Huntsman, Epibond 1210 is an advanced general purpose epoxy adhesive. This material has a semi-paste consistency that is well suited for a variety of spacecraft applications. The epoxy adhesive is specifically designed for bonding a wide range of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, glass and most plastics. Epibond 1210 is…

  • Araldite 2021

    Buy Araldite 2021 Huntsman provides a variety of advanced adhesive and sealants used in many different industries. Araldite 2021 is an innovative structural adhesive that is capable to bond a wide range of composites, metals and plastics. This material is formulated as a general purpose adhesive used for rapid assembly operations on a variety of…


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