Alpha Solder Landing

Developing and manufacturing the highest quality electronic
assembly materials since 1872.

As technology evolved over the years, Alpha’s efforts persisted to
engineer the most innovative products – leading to many first-to-market
achievements for various process and product technologies.  Today,
the ALPHA product line is known for enhancing productivity while
providing both consistency and reliability.

ALPHA Telecore HF-850 Cored Solder Wire

ALPHA Telecore HF-850 is the fastest wetting and lowest spattering, Halogen Free and Halide Free cored wire offering from ALPHA.


Alpha solder products are a leader in solutions and technologies specializing in electronic assembly materials. Alpha produces advanced solder paste, stencils, fluxes and adhesives focused on power electronics, photovoltaic electricity, and Light emitting diodes (LED). Established in 1872, they have grown to be global leader in innovative materials used in the electronic materials industry. With over 160 locations worldwide, Alpha has the largest research and development capability in the entire industry.

Not only meeting the demands of their customers, Alpha has been following the environmental regulations and more. They have a recycle program that will take all kinds of solder scraps. There is a clear audit trail that shows customers exactly where their scraps go. Alpha also follows the strict guidelines that of local and international regulations of the disposal of soldering scrap. Alpha shows a great amount of corporate responsibly providing sustainable products as well as a recycling service program.


ALPHA WS-809 Solder Paste

ALPHA WS-809 water-soluble solder paste designed for a broad range of SMT processes where aqueous post reflow cleaning is required.


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    ALPHA CVP-520 Solder Paste Selector Guide

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    ALPHA Complete Stencil Solution

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    ALPHA Telecore HF-850 Cored Solder Wire Product Guide

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    ALPHA Preform Cable and Wire Capabilities

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  • Alpha Solder Preforms for Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

    Alpha has recently introduced Exactalloy solder preforms for wire harness and cable assembly, an aiding technology for the incorporation of PCBs into stand-alone soldering processes including higher level assemblies. In response to RoHS and WEEE directives, specifically, the elimination of hazardous substances Cadmium and Lead, Alpha’s products are designed to be low-temperature and lead-free. The…

  • Alpha WS-820 Solder Paste

    The all new Alpha WS-820 Lead Free Solder Paste Alpha WS-820 is a brand new solder paste offering the ideal arrangement of printability and reflow profile process window. This innovative product also offers outstanding cleanability in a lead free alloy solder paste. It has excellent print volume and print volume repeatability down to 12 mil,…

  • Alpha CVP-390 Solder Paste

    Buy Alpha CVP-390 Solder Paste Lead-Free, No-Clean, Zero Halogen Solder Paste Alpha CVP-390 Alpha CVP-390 is a no-clean, zero halogen, lead-free, low voids solder paste. It is specifically formulated for applications where the residue has excellent pin testing properties and it is capable of passing the JIS Copper Corrosion standard. Its excellent print volume deposit…

  • ALPHA Telecore HF-850

    Buy ALPHA Telecore HF 850 ALPHA Telecore HF 850 is the lowest spattering and fastest wetting, halide free and halogen free cored solder wire offered by ALPHA. This advanced material has good spread characteristics and it emits very low level of fumes keeping the working environment cleaner with less extraction maintenance. The cored solder wire…

  • Alpha OM 5100

    Buy Alpha OM 5100 Alpha OM 5100 is a no clean, low residue solder paste manufactured to maximize SMT line yields. This product has an excellent solder spread and a high solder ball reduction which allows the maximization of reflow yields. The high quality flux is specifically formulated to resist a wide variety of environmental…

  • Alpha OM-338-T Solder Paste

    Buy Alpha OM-338-T Alpha OM-338-T is a no clean, lead-free, engineered solder paste designed for a variety of applications in the electronic industry. This high quality solder material is zero halogen, as well as having excellent solder and flux cosmetics after reflow soldering. Alpha OM 338T Flux Gel meets the highest IPC 7095 voiding performance…

  • Alpha WS-809 Solder Paste

    Buy Alpha WS-809 Alpha WS-809 is a water soluble solder paste developed for a wide range of SMT processes. This engineered solder paste dries at temperature up to 19-29 degrees Celsius and it exhibits excellent resistance to hot and cold  slumping. It also displays an excellent low voiding performance that exceeds IPC Class III classifications.…

  • Alpha CVP-520

    Buy Alpha CVP-520 Alpha CVP-520 has a low melting point, is lead free, no clean, zero halogen, solder paste formulated for both fine pitch and standard stencil printing. This high quality solder paste leaves a clear, colorless flux residue that provides excellent electrical resistivity. Alpha CVP-520 Solder Paste has a melting point of 140 degrees…