Molykote greases from Krayden can be used in the assembly of vehicles

MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coatings.

DuPont’s MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants are trusted by engineers, OEMs and product designers worldwide for their
ability to meet tough lubrication challenges. From saving energy by reducing friction and wear to improving
safety and comfort by reducing NVH, MOLYKOTE® is Smart Lubrication
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Molykote for Powertrain Systems

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For over 60 years MOLYKOTE® has been providing customers with superior lubricants for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, general industrial, appliances, office equipment and much more. These lubricants are engineered for optimum lubrication providing energy saving solutions. MOLYKOTE® is a DuPont brand, which provides high performing lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide, expanding to mineral oils and synthetic grease.


Molykote P-37 Lubricant

MOLYKOTE® specialty lubricant improves reliability of rotary steerable drilling equipment


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    MOLYKOTE® Industrial Lubricants

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    MOLYKOTE® P-37 Drilling Equipment Case Study


  • Pruner Transmission Rotor

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for material for a pruner transmission rotor. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-68 Plastic Gear Grease. The grease was more robust, and the customer was able to perform over 5000 cycles with no heating or transmission failure. What is the application? Pruner Transmission Rotor What industry/market was this material…

  • Lubricating The Drive Train

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material to lubricate their drive train. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-N Metal Assembly Paste. The high density and low coefficient of friction of the product from MOLYKOTE® made it perfect for this application. What is the application? Lubricating a drive train. What issues was the end-user…

  • Molykote 316

    Molykote 316 is a clear, heat stable silicone spray release agent designed for a variety of food and industrial applications Molykote 316 is a heat stable silicone release agent designed to be used for many food and industrial applications. This advance compound reduces build-up on heat seal bars, resulting in increased heat transmission and sealing…

  • Molykote 41

    Molykote 41 is a silicone grease for very high temperature applications at low speeds Molykote 41 is a silicone grease that is ideal for oven conveyers, molten salt evacuation pumps, kin dollies, steam turbine regulator links, knife-edge power breakers and much more. The advance material can be used at temperatures higher than those of normal…

  • Molykote G-Rapid Plus

    Molykote G-Rapid Plus Paste is a Solid Paste Lubricant with Low Friction for the Assembly and Running in of Metallic Components. Molykote G-Rapid Plus is a paste designed for lubricating with low friction designed for running-in of metallic components and assembly. The specialty lubricant offers high pressure absorption capacity, suppresses stick-slip, provides emergency running performance…

  • Molykote EM-30L

    Molykote EM-30L Lubricating Grease Designed for Plastic Components Molykote EM-30L is a lubricating grease designed for plastic substrates. It can be used for plastic to plastic contact, metal to metal contact and plastic to metal contact. The advance product offers low seepage, so it can be used in places that cleanliness is required. It offers…

  • Molykote HP-870

      Molykote HP-870 is a fully fluorinated grease that provides outstanding performance in extreme environments. It offers outstanding stability at high temperatures and it is compatible with most rubbers and plastics. This material is be used broadly under harsh conditions such as high temperatures, solvent, corrosive, liquefied natural gasses, high vacuum and much more. The…

  • Molykote D-708

    Buy Molykote D-708 Molykote D-708 is an anti-friction coating that is used for lubrication/corrosion protection of metal/plastic and metal/plastic pairings under low to medium loads. This advanced material offers excellent corrosion protection and a low coefficient of friction. The cured film will have an operating temperature range of -60 to 240 degrees Celsius. This product…

  • Molykote M 77

    Buy Molykote M 77 Molykote M 77 is a solid paste lubricant that is well suited for lubrication points with low to moderate loads and low speeds that are subjected to water and extreme temperatures. This specialty lubricant is compatible with many types of plastics and elastomers while providing good water resistance and good volatilization…

  • Molykote 1292

    Buy Molykote 1292 Molykote 1292 is a lubricating grease for metal to metal combinations with medium-fast to slow movements and medium loads over a wide temperature range. This product has a high resistance to water, water washout, mineral oil, fuels and many other chemicals. The material has a service temperature range from – 40 to…

  • Molykote 3400A

    Buy Molykote 3400A Molykote 3400A is a lead free, anti-friction coating that provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. This innovative product has a high load carrying capacity, excellent adhesion to metal as well as having high resistance to oil and fuels. It is a heat curing lubricant that is formulated for metal/metal combinations with medium…

  • Molykote G-68

    Molykote G 68 is a high water resistance, low coefficient of friction, plastic and steel gear grease. This advanced material is composed of lithium soap, mineral oil, polyalphaolefine, EP additives and solid lubricants. The product is primarily used in gears of electrical tooth brushes and paper shredders. It also has excellent compatibility with most plastics.…

  • Molykote HP-300 Grease

    Buy Molykote HP-300 Molykote HP-300 is a high performance synthetic (PFPE) grease that is compatible with most plastics. This advanced material is fully fluorinated and provides excellent performance under extreme conditions. It has a temperature service range between -65 to 250 degrees Celsius. The lubricant is composed of perfluoro polyether and a fluorinated polymer. Molykote…

  • Molykote D-7409

    Buy Molykote D-7409 Molykote D-7409 is a high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, greyish black anti-friction coating. The material is a heat curing dry film lubricant with a high load carrying capacity. This product has been used successfully for magnetic armatures of vehicle starter motors, bonnet lock components, piston rings and tappets of combustion engines.…

  • Molykote Longterm 2 Plus

    Molykote Longterm 2 Plus is a high quality specialty lubricant designed for lubricating metal to metal combinations. It has excellent adhesion strength and it provides good protection against corrosion. This material is specifically designed for metal to metal combinations with slow to fast movements with high loads. It has a service temperature of -25 to…

  • Molykote 321

    Buy Molykote 321 Dow has created many high-performance lubricants under their division Molykote. Molykote 321 is a dry lubricant used on components exposed to a wide variety of unusual environments. This material is provided as a solvent dispersion MoS2 graphite and an inorganic binder, and it is supplied as a pourable liquid and aerosol can.…

  • MOLYKOTE G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease

    Molykote G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease for your mechanical equipment [jwplayer mediaid=”2145″] Molykote G-1502FM Water Resistant Grease – Tacky The Molykote G-1502FM Synthetic Bearing and Gear Grease is designed to lubricate mechanical equipment operating under heavy water exposure. The Molykote G-1502 FM grease which is both water resistant and corrosion resistant is suited for…

  • Dow Corning 111 Lubricant and Sealant

    Dow Corning 111 For industrial lubricant solutions Dow Corning Corporation manufactures a complete range of silicones to meet the needs of various industries pertaining to adhesion, sealing, lubricants, rubbers, release agents, etc. The corporation has been performing research over past many years to establish the efficacy of the uses of silicone based products in various…

  • Dow Corning Molykote 111 Lubricant and Sealant for Valves

    The Molykote 111 Valve Lubricant and sealant, available from Krayden, Inc. adhesive and sealant distributors, is a silicone oil offering water resistance, low vapor pressure, low volatility and a wide service temperature range of -40 °C/-40°F to 200°C/392°F. The Dow Corning Molykote 111 Lubricant and sealant is a heavy consistency dimethyl silicone compound that offers…