Lord offers a wide variety of acrylic, urethane, and epoxy structural adhesives to be used for bonding metals and plastics on trucks and trailers. They can also be used for panel bonding applications and sealing seems. The innovative adhesives offer improved durability and strength, with enhanced aesthetics and increased throughput, unlike rivets. Some other added benefits of LORD structural adhesives for trailers includes, (LRT) low read-through, numerous cure speeds, no welds or mechanical fastening systems, and one step bond and seal.

Metal adhesives for trucks and trailers from LORD are specifically used to bond metals commonly used in the transportation industry. These metal bonding adhesives are used as an alternative to welding, which in turn, can eliminate scarring without loss of temper in the metal. LORD structural adhesives can also be used to provide galvanic protection from dissimilar metals. Metal substrates LORD adhesives are capable of bonding include galvanized steel, cold rolled steel, and aluminum. As the transportation industry continues transitioning from welding and riveting, LORD structural adhesive for trucks and trailers has evolved to offer high strength and longevity meeting manufacturing needs.

As with metal bonding materials, LORD offers a variety of unique adhesives that can bond both metal and plastics used for trailer and trucks. LORD plastic and metal bonding adhesives feature high elongation to accommodate the challenges of thermal expansion when incorporating plastics into your design. The full line of plastic bonding urethane and acrylics will improve aesthetics, eliminate rivets, increase throughput, reduce labor and cost

LORD also specialized in panel bonding adhesives and seam sealers for trucks and trailers. Panel bonding adhesives provide a smooth look for over-the-road-trailers and dry-dry freight-vans. The trailer and truck adhesive is well suited for bonding panels without using rivets or other mechanical fasteners. LORD also offers sealant solutions (Seam Sealants), which eliminates the need for double sided tape.

LORD has a wide variety of solutions when it comes to truck and trailer adhesives. All are designed to eliminate the need for riveting, welding, and mechanical fastening.


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