Precision Metal Solutions

Laird’s Precision Metals core capability revolves around thin gauge stamped and formed precision metal
components for both electrical and fine feature structural applications. We are the world’s #1 precision metals
supplier and innovator for handheld devices.

Industries served by Laird’s Precision Metals business include tablet, automotive, data infrastructure, consumer,
medical, military, and others. We take pride in our unique, industry leading value added core competencies which
include custom design and simulation expertise, automation, tooling, joining technology, and multi-functional products.


Laird Thermal Grease

Laird T2500 Grease


Laird Performance Materials enables high-performance electronics. We create advanced protection solutions for electronic components and systems. World-leading technology brands rely on us for improved protection, higher performance and reliability, custom structural designs and faster time-to-market. We solve design issues through innovative products such as EMI suppression or absorption materials, thermal interface materials, structural and precision metals, magnetic ceramic products, and multi-functional solutions.


Dispensable Gap Fillers

Laird dispensable gap fillers are used to bridge the interface between hot components and a chassis or heat sink assembly.


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    Laird Thermal Interface Solutions Brochure

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    Performance Materials that Protect Electronics

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    Laird Precision Metals

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    Laird TIM Pick Automated Thermal Pad Application