A Century of Innovation and Growth

Since ITW’s founding over 100 years ago, ITW has become one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses. This Fortune 500 company has operations in 57 countries that employ more than 50,000 men and women, and have a broad portfolio of brands and products.

At Krayden, Inc. we focus on the performance Polymers Insulcast, Plexus, Devcon and Spraycore. Serving diverse markets that require value-added, differentiated solutions, we’re actively partnered with customers in the Aerospace, Transportation and Industrial Market Places.

In partnership with ITW, Krayden finds solutions for:

  1. Complete line of two component epoxies and silicones for potting and encapsulation applications (INSULCAST)
  2. Difficult-to-bond engineered plastics, composites, unprepared metals, ceramics and dissimilar substrates. (PLEXUS)
  3. MRO products for the repair of metal, rubber, etc. and adhesives for substrates like rubber, ceramic, phenolic resin, steel, aluminum and exotic metals (DEVCON)
  4. Sprayable syntactic materials and specialty sprayable fillers/primers (SPRAYCORE)

Insulcast Potting Compounds and Encapsulants

INSULCAST RTVS 42 CII Silicone-Epoxy Copolymer Potting and Casting Compound


ITW’s products and solutions are at work all over the world. ITW is involved in deep-sea oil rings, aerospace technology, bridges and wind turbines and healthcare all over the world. They are involved in the spaces we live and work, the cars we drive and the mobile devices we rely on.

ITW prides themselves on always being a key contributor in the innovation world. ITW innovatives fasteners, snap-in door handles, power train, refueling systems and other components make your vehicle more road-worthy, convenient and affordable. 


Devcon Maintenance Repair

A world leader in adhesive technology and products for industrial OEM assembly
and maintenance repair


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    Insulcast Range of Potting Compounds and Encapsulants

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    Insulcast Potting and Encapsulation Solutions

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    Insulcast RTVS 42 CII Silicone-Epoxy Copolymer Potting and Casting Compound

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    Permatex Product Guide

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    Insulcast Key Silicone Products Selector Guide


  • Sealing Solar Panels

    The story: Krayden partnered with a solar panel manufacturer looking for a material with no shrinkage, high bond strength, excellent UV strength, which is semi gap-filling. What is the application? Sealing solar panels. What issues was the end-user having? The company needed a non-moisture cure material that dried fast. Material requirements include excellent bonding, good…

  • Sealing Photo Controller Module

    The story: Krayden partnered with a large contract manufacturer and applied DOW HM-2500 to eliminate water ingress to a photo controller module in the Lighting industry. By sealing the back of the module, the solution eliminated the water ingress AND achieved faster throughput and offered immediate Green Strength with an IP-67 Rating. What is the…

  • Bonding Elements for Water Filtration System

    The story: A global leader in the water purification business had leak issues, so Krayden partnered with Elantas to apply CONAP® AD-6483, an adhesive and sealant designed for use in spiral wound filtration elements. The customer executed numerous lab tests, and also tested some alternative Elantas products, but determined that the AD-6483 application performed the…

  • Bonding Endcaps Tumbler Assembly

    The story: Krayden worked closely with a national Agricultural Cultivator to develop their very first machine. Partnering with LORD, Krayden helped to solve bonding issues of their endcaps due to material composition. Fast forward more than a year later and several LORD bonding tests later, this company is producing 500+ machines a year and dominating…

  • Removing Graphite Based Lubricant Post Manufacturing

    The story: A global manufacturer of lightweight aluminum chassis components for the automotive industry had challenges streamlining their manufacturing process. Krayden leveraged a Henkel Bonderite to clean the aluminum parts and removing the Graphite based lubricant after manufacturing, resulting in saved time and money. What is the application? Cleaning aluminum parts by removing a graphite-based…

  • Bonding and Potting Wiring Interface with Meter Housing

    The story: A large meter company in the South used Royal 423000/52300 high performance epoxy to bond and pot wiring interface with the electronic water meter housing. The previous epoxy was not developing good adhesion to the wire insulation and the new solution…. What is the application? Bonding / potting antenna wiring at the interface…

  • Krayden Mexico, getting it done AGAIN with our Partner DOW

    Denver – August 2019 – Krayden, a leading global distributor of engineered materials, is pleased to announce that Dow Latin America has chosen Krayden as the recipient of 3 prestigious awards acknowledging Krayden’s success. The notable honors exhibits our ability to diligently achieve quality distribution and sales performance. To receive these awards is to be…

  • Form-In-Place Gasket Material for Level Sensors

    The story: Krayden partnered with a global design and contract manufacturing company to leverage Henkel’s Technomelt PA6344 for level sensors in natural gas storage tanks. The material’s Elongation and UV stability were superior to EPDM rubber, and the customer’s low-pressure molding press and resources made for a low-cost tooling solution. Customer saved $25k year due…

  • Raul Romero Honored with 2018 Dow Distributor Silver Sales Person of the Year

    Denver – May 13, 2019 – Help us in congratulating Raul Romero for being recognized by Dow as, 2018 Silver Distributor Sales Person of the Year. This award is honored to the highest Dow distributor sellers who exhibits maximum sales growth, emphasis on developing markets, new registered opportunities and extraordinary performance in the sales of…

  • Henkel Aerospace Honors Krayden for 45 Years of Partnership

    Denver – May 6, 2019 – Krayden is excited to publicize that Henkel has honored Krayden with, “45 Years of Partnership.” After 45 years of Krayden working alongside Henkel, Krayden is one of the world’s leading distributors for Henkel Aerospace in the world and has been serving the Aerospace Community for almost half a century…

  • Krayden Awarded Dow 2018 Gold Level Distributor

    Denver – April  2019 – Krayden, a leading global distributor of engineered materials, is happy to announce that Dow has chosen Krayden as the recipient of the 2018 Gold Level Distributor. This notable honor exhibits Krayden’s ability to diligently achieve quality distribution over the course of the year. The Dow Gold Level Applied Technologies Distributor…


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Items 1 to 12 of 181