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That you need materials and expert advice to help simplify manufacturing and assembly or protect against moisture, heat, vibration, and shock. Our global staff of Sales Engineers will leverage the industry’s leading innovators in the space to help identify your pain points and find creative ways to resolve issues.


Key performance characteristics of focus include:

Thermal Management: All electronic devices require thermal management. Krayden aims to provide only the best products in the industry. Some of our most popular thermal management products include gap pads, thermal greases, thermally conductive encapsulants, underfills, phase change materials, tapes, adhesives & gap fillers.

Environmental Protection: We know that sometimes you need to most durable products, key performance products in the environmental protection category include: encapsulants, conformal coatings, flood coats, low-pressure molding materials, potting materials, foams, sealants, and adhesives.

Shielding Materials: Some of our best products from EMI/EFI shielding materials are:  encapsulants, coatings, adhesives, sealants, foams. Solder materials including Flux, preforms, paste (type 3, 4, 5), bar, ribbon & wire.

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HumiSeal UV92 Masking

HumiSeal UV92 is a single component, UV curable, soft masking material providing a temporary barrier to stop the entrance of conformal coatings into unwanted areas.


For the past 20 years, Krayden has collaborated with the world’s leading electronics companies to build devices that help us all be more productive, smarter and increasingly connected to each other.

We know that you need materials and expert advice to help simplify manufacturing and assembly or protect against moisture, heat, vibration, and shock. Our global staff of Sales Engineers will leverage the industry’s leading innovators in the space to help identify your pain points and find creative ways to resolve issues. Our ability to engage many experts in looking at an issue from various perspectives makes our business unique.

Partnered with industry leaders like Dow Silicone and Molykote, Henkel, Bostik, Huntsman, Alpha and others, our local experts (with support from our partner suppliers) can help you solve just about any challenge you may have.


Alpha Solder Preforms for Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

Alpha now offers new thermochromic indicators, the latest solution for verifying a solder joint. Alpha's products are designed to be low-temperature and lead-free.


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    Dow Solutions for Lamp & Luminaire Assembly


  • Bonding and Potting Wiring Interface with Meter Housing

    The story: A large meter company in the South used Royal 423000/52300 high performance epoxy to bond and pot wiring interface with the electronic water meter housing. The previous epoxy was not developing good adhesion to the wire insulation and the new solution…. What is the application? Bonding / potting antenna wiring at the interface…

  • Form-In-Place Gasket Material for Level Sensors

    The story: Krayden partnered with a global design and contract manufacturing company to leverage Henkel’s Technomelt PA6344 for level sensors in natural gas storage tanks. The material’s Elongation and UV stability were superior to EPDM rubber, and the customer’s low-pressure molding press and resources made for a low-cost tooling solution. Customer saved $25k year due…

  • Krayden Awarded Dow 2018 Gold Level Distributor

    Denver – April  2019 – Krayden, a leading global distributor of engineered materials, is happy to announce that Dow has chosen Krayden as the recipient of the 2018 Gold Level Distributor. This notable honor exhibits Krayden’s ability to diligently achieve quality distribution over the course of the year. The Dow Gold Level Applied Technologies Distributor…

  • Potting Transformers

    The story: A contract manufacturer making Transformers for HVAC had issues related to too rigid of an epoxy system, so as parts heated up, components would pop off and the PBA would crack. Krayden partnered with ITW to delivered the Insulgel 70 cc FRNS, because it has a high CTE so it can expand as…

  • Light Bulb Production with Loctite Equipment

    The story: Krayden partnered with a global light bulb company to reinvent the process of light bulb production by utilizing the Loctite AA3462 Light Cure adhesive and coupled it with the CL30 LED Flood light and Cure Spot Light to optimize the fast curing process. The new LED bulbs have a circuit board and plastic…

  • Gasket for Overhead Lights

    The story: Krayden Canada and a leading manufacturer of lighting solution had been challenged with designing overhead lights for a train station. We needed to find a solution to create an access panel that could be opened and closed for service reasons but would have an airtight seal to protect the lights from the environment.…

  • HumiSeal UV 50LV UV Curable Conformal Coating

    HumiSeal UV50LV UV Curable Acrylate Polyurethane Conformal Coating HumiSeal is the only supplier specialized in conformal coating manufacture. They have been innovating for over 50 years and creating products that utilize natural occurring resources whenever possible. HumiSeal takes pride in the goal and commitment that within the next 40 years they aim to reduce the…

  • TECHOMELT PA 6344 Low Pressure Molding Solution for LED Lighting

    TECHNOMELT PA 6344 LOW PRESSURE MOLDING ENCAPSULANT TECHNOMELT PA 6344 is a high-performance, UV and thermal resistance polyamide-based thermoplastic that exhibits strong adhesion to a variety of substrates including solder mask. This product offers good flexibility and mechanical strength while it adheres well to substrates including plastics, glass, and metals. Low-pressure molding is an innovative…

  • Loctite 383 Thermally Conductive Output Adhesive

    Henkel Loctite Thermally Conductive Adhesive Loctite 383 thermally conductive adhesive is a system aimed at connecting heat manufacturing components to heat sinks. It provides outstanding heat dissipation for very thermally delicate components. Loctite 383 thermal adhesive also provides high structural strength to many electronic assemblies. It is typically used for the bonding of transistors, transformers, and other…

  • DOWSIL TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

    DOWSIL TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Single Component Adhesive DOWSIL TC-2022, formerly Dow Corning TC-2022, is a single component, high tensile strength, thermally conductive adhesive. The innovative product requires no mixing, has no added solvents, can be used with heat-sensitive substrates and components. Dow TC-2022 is suitable for bonding integrated circuit boards, heat sink attach, adhering lids…

  • Dowsil PR-1205 RTV Prime Coat Adhesive

    DOW DOWSIL PR-1205 RTV Primer Clear Dowsil PR-1205 (Formally Dow Corning PR-1205) is a one-part RTV prime coat that enhances the bonding and adhesion of heat cure and RTV silicones to many ceramics, plastics, and metals. This primer is a dilute solution of saline coupling agents and other active ingredients. The use of solvents in…

  • DOWSIL 1-4174 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

    DOWSIL1-4174, formerly Dow Corning 1-4174, is a single component, flowable, gray, thermally conductive adhesive with high tensile strength, and no added solvents. The innovative silicone adhesive comes with 7 mil glass beads  (178 micron) allowing for uniform, and easily controlled bond line thickness. DOWSIL1-4174 is the same product as DOWSIL1-4173, but DOWSIL1-4174 includes the 7…