As the largest technical distributor in aerospace, Krayden, Inc. “gets” structural adhesives, surface treatments, resin formulations and chemicals for the aircraft OEM industries. No matter what your challenge is, we’ve likely seen it and we can help.

Our global staff of Sales Engineers provides our customers with practical, economic and performance benefits with proven expertise, a global distribution network and with local support. We work with the industry’s top customer base, and we’re confident we can help you too.

Space Grade: adhesives, films, sealants, cleaners, tapes, equipment, ablatives, surface treatment, resins, polysulfide sealants, and coatings

Process Aids: tooling resins, boards, molding compounds, abrasives, cleaners, tapes, mold release, sealants, and adhesives

Adhesives: internal and external adhesives for aerospace applications


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Krayden earns the rarely awarded 'Henkel Aerospace Distributor Partner of the Year'

This award, rarely offered by Henkel, recognizes Krayden for achieving the highest level of project closures as well as sales growth. Aerospace


We understand that approvals and demanding specifications are essential to your business, so Krayden maintains an AS9120 compliant quality system at all sites, and maintains certification to AS9120 and ISO9001 at our primary Aerospace distribution warehouses.

Krayden leverages the industry’s leading innovators in the space to help identify our customer’s pain points and find creative ways to resolve issues. And… our partner suppliers invest heavily in R&D to provide a wide range of products to tackle any manufacturing or maintenance need.

Our solutions include Loctite and Bonderite from the Henkel Family, Chemetell, Kaneka, 3M and many other products that will serve your needs.
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Dow Corning 3145 Adhesive Sealant

Dow Corning 3145 Adhesive Sealant is a non-flowing adhesive that is available in paste form. It consists of one part moisture cure providing magnificent features of improved thermal stability, elongation and high tensile strength.


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    Dow Product Guide

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    Dow Corning Silicone for Smart Meters

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    Loctite Aerospace Mold Release

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    Loctite Structural Adhesice Solutions for Composite Repair

  • Hysol Aerospace Selector Guide

    Henkel Aerospace Guide

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    Loctite EA 9360 Aero


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    Loctite Frekote Case Study

    Mold release issues are a problem of the past, with the numerous solutions presented with Loctite Frekote. The product line ranges from release agents, sealers and cleaners and are based on over 50 years of technical experience. Don’t let mold release issues rue the production line, when Loctite Frekote is available worldwide in both wax-…

  • Bonding Large and Small Die Integrated Circuits

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material for bonding large and small die integrated circuits with variable thermal expansion as well in automated assembly processes. We recommended Loctite Ablestik 965-1L. The material was reliable and very effective with a good level of contamination resistivity. What is the application? Bonding large and…

  • Applying Ablative Material Onto Rocket Nozzles

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material to apply onto rocket nozzles exposed to extreme high flux temperatures forming an insulator layer. We recommended Dow 93-104. The material was reliable and very effective. It also simplified processing conditions and was easy to apply and remove. What is the application? Apply ablative…

  • Anti-Ice Heated Blanket for Airplanes

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company specializing in anti-Ice heated blanket for airplanes. Their current silicone adhesive takes too long to cure. Krayden had a solution: What is the application? Anti-Ice Heated Blanket for Airplanes. What issues was the end-user having? The current silicone adhesive takes too long to cure. What material was used…

  • Henkel Aerospace Honors Krayden for 45 Years of Partnership

    Denver – May 6, 2019 – Krayden is excited to publicize that Henkel has honored Krayden with, “45 Years of Partnership.” After 45 years of Krayden working alongside Henkel, Krayden is one of the world’s leading distributors for Henkel Aerospace in the world and has been serving the Aerospace Community for almost half a century…

  • Chemetall ARDROX AV 40 Aerospace Remover/Cleaner Tact Free Maintenance

    Chemetall Ardrox AV 40 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound  Ardrox Av 40 is a colorless product commonly applied to exterior parts of the aircraft where metal is exposed to hot exhaust gasses. This is designed for areas exposed to extreme temperatures up to 150°C, with short term exposure up to 210°C. Ardrox AV 40 produces a heat…

  • NanoSlic Coating

    NanoSlic Coating from FCT Assembly, is the next generation in surface protection to improve the durability and performance of substrates in a variety of industries. NanoSlic Ceramic, which is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, will chemically bind to the substrate. Once it binds, the chemical composition forms a thin layer that prevents degradation by repelling water…

  • Dowsil 737 Neutral Cure Clear Sealant

    Dow 737 RTV neutral cure clear sealant is a non-slumping, one-component, fast cure paste that offers the user exceptional adhesion to many plastic, glass, metal, rubber, and painted surfaces. With that connection, the adhesive doesn’t react with or corrode most plastics or metals; with a few exceptions in some not so standard applications. The applications…

  • Krayden earns the rarely awarded ‘Henkel Aerospace Distributor Partner of the Year’

    Denver-May 2017- Henkel has presented Krayden with the Aerospace Distributor Partner of the Year award for 2016. This award, rarely offered by Henkel, recognizes Krayden for achieving the highest level of project closures as well as sales growth. Significant contributions to the increase of Henkel’s sales volume throughout the year and a track record of…

  • Krayden Receives the 2015 Boeing Performance Excellence Award

    Denver, Colorado-April 21, 2016 Krayden announced today that it has received the 2015 Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) becoming a 9-time recipient.  The Boeing Company bestows this award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance throughout the year. Krayden has maintained a silver composite performance rating for each month for the 12 month…

  • Huntsman CG-1305 A/B Epoxy Syntactic

    Huntsman CG-1305 A/B is a pourable, medium density resin/ hardener system that has been designed to aid in creating strong and durable reinforcements throughout aircraft production. The use of this material is not limited to aircraft production, and can also be utilized in other industrial applications that require a low weight, high-strength resin system. Due…

  • Huntsman Epocast 50-A1

    Huntsman’s Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 is designed for the manufacture and repair of composite structures. This unfilled and easy-to-handle material is solvent-free, and self-extinguishing. Epocast 50-A1 Resin / Hardener 946 can also be used for filament winding, and is qualified to the Boeing BMS 8-201, Type IV specification. If a longer work life…


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