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Items 1 to 24 of 10634

Product Updates & Krayden News

  • DOWSIL Q4-2805

    DOWSIL Q4-2805 is a single component, non-curing, fuel and oil resistant fluorosilicone channel sealant DOWSIL Q4-2805 is a single component, non-curing, fuel and oil resistant fluorosilicone channel sealant primarily used for aircraft fuel tanks. The innovative material provides good tack adhesive, is unaffected by shock, vibration and thermal cycling. It contains no catalyst or curing…

  • Chemetall ARDROX AV 40 Aerospace Remover/Cleaner Tact Free Maintenance

    Ardrox Av 40 is a colorless product commonly applied to exterior parts of the aircraft where metal is exposed to hot exhaust gasses. This is designed for areas exposed to extreme temperatures up to 150°C, with short term exposure up to 210°C. Ardrox AV 40 produces a heat resistant, dry and firm film application. Chemetall…

  • TECHOMELT PA 6344 Low Pressure Molding Solution for LED Lighting

    TECHNOMELT PA 6344 is a high-performance, UV and thermal resistance polyamide-based thermoplastic that exhibits strong adhesion to a variety of substrates including solder mask. This product offers good flexibility and mechanical strength while it adheres well to substrates including plastics, glass and metals. Low-pressure molding is an innovative technology to serve the growing demands in…

  • NanoSlic Coating

    NanoSlic Coating from FCT Assembly, is the next generation in surface protection to improve the durability and performance of substrates in a variety of industries. NanoSlic Ceramic, which is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, will chemically bind to the substrate. Once it binds, the chemical composition forms a thin layer that prevents degradation by repelling water…

  • NanoSlic NS-110 Coating

    New High Performance NanoSlic NS 110 Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Coating NanoSlic NS-110 is a revolutionary permanent Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Coating designed to be applied surfaces to convey a unique range of properties. This innovative product is based on a FCT’s Hybrid-Technology. It is an advance coating that chemically bonds to surfaces forming a hydrophobic/oleophobic nano-layer…

  • Dow Corning 1-4105

    Dow Corning 1-4105 is a single component, heat cure, low viscosity conformal coating. The innovative material has no added solvents, has a UL V-1 flammability rating and it will cure to a soft, low stress elastomer. This conformal coating is well suited to be used as a protective coating for rigid and flexible circuit boards.…

  • Dow Corning 786

    Dow Corning 786 is a silicone material capable of sealing nonporous surface, showers, tubs, sinks and plumbing fixtures. This high quality silicone sealant is available in clear, white, translucent white, almond and grey. Dow Corning 786 Mildew resistant material is designed to seal nonporous surfaces where high humidity and extreme temperatures exist. Dow Corning 786 RTV…

  • Loctite 5404 Silicone Adhesive

    Loctite 5404 Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive For bonding circuit board substrates, metallic heat sinks, and ceramic chips, Loctite 5404 is an ideal selection for an adhesive. This silicone based adhesive was designed for applications that include bonding numerous different types of devices that generate heat to their corresponding heat sinks. This product offers low resistance…

  • Molykote 3400A

    Buy Molykote 3400A Molykote 3400A is a lead free, anti-friction coating that provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. This innovative product has a high load carrying capacity, excellent adhesion to metal as well as having high resistance to oil and fuels. It is a heat curing lubricant that is formulated for metal/metal combinations with medium…

  • Dow Corning 1-2577 Conformal Coating For Challenging Electronic Applications

    Many sensitive and challenging electronic applications necessitate proper protection of delicate circuit boards and its components. This means that the silicone which makes up the circuit board needs to be protected to preserve longer the abilities to function over widely varying temperatures, dielectric insulation, obstruct environmental contaminants and of stress and shock absorption. Dow Corning…

  • DOWSIL 1-2620 Conformal Coating

    Dowsil 1-2620 RTV is a low-VOC conformal coating designed specifically as a protective coating for solar cell modules. This high quality material has a lower viscosity than other conformal coatings and it has excellent abrasion resistance. When the translucent liquid cures, it becomes a clear elastoplastic resin film. The main purpose of this material is…

  • Loctite 383 Thermally Conductive Output Adhesive

    Loctite 383 thermally conductive adhesive is a system aimed at connecting heat manufacturing components to heat sinks. It provides outstanding heat dissipation for very thermally delicate components. Loctite 383 thermal adhesive also provides high structural strength to many electronic assemblies. It is typically used for the bonding of transistors, transformers, and other heat generating electronics to printed circuit…

  • Dowsil PR-1205 RTV Prime Coat Adhesive

    Dowsil PR-1205 (Formally Dow Corning PR-1205) is a one-part RTV prime coat that enhances the bonding and adhesion of heat cure and RTV silicones to many ceramics, plastics, and metals. This primer is a dilute solution of saline coupling agents and other active ingredients. The use of solvents in this product helps deliver the active…

  • DOWSIL TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

    DOWSIL TC-2022, formerly Dow Corning TC-2022, is a single component, high tensile strength, thermally conductive adhesive. The innovative product requires no mixing, has no added solvents, can be used with heat-sensitive substrates and components. Dow TC-2022 is suitable for bonding integrated circuit boards, heat sink attach, adhering lids and housings. The adhesive is composed of…

  • Sylgard 182

    Buy Sylgard 182 Dow Corning Sylgard 182 is a silicone elastomer used in a variety of applications including general potting, industrial controls, power supplies, connectors, transformers, amplifies, high voltage resistor packs, on solar cells and circuits during processing. This high quality elastomer is transparent making it easy for board and part inspection while providing low…

  • Epibond 200 A/B

    Buy Epibond 200 A/B Epibond 200 A/B is a two component, extrudable, room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. It is an advanced material that offers a service temperature from -55 to 93 degrees Celsius as well as providing high peel and shear strength. It has good retention of strength after environmental aging and it has no…

  • Dowsil EA-5151 Silicone QiC Adhesive

    The new Dowsil EA-5151 (Formally Dow Corning EA-5151) is a quick in connect silicone adhesive that has been designed to successfully achieve instant green strength once it is dispensed. This neutral cure RTV adhesive offers primer-less adhesion to most surfaces including metals and plastics and requires no solvents, or ovens. Dowsil EA-5151 allows for high throughput…

  • DOWSIL 1-4174 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

    DOWSIL1-4174, formerly Dow Corning 1-4174, is a single component, flowable, gray, thermally conductive adhesive with high tensile strength, and no added solvents. The innovative silicone adhesive comes with 7 mil glass beads  (178 micron) allowing for uniform, and easily controlled bond line thickness. DOWSIL1-4174 is the same product as DOWSIL1-4173, but DOWSIL1-4174 includes the 7…

  • DOWSIL 832 Multi-Surface Sealant Adhesive

    DOWSIL 832, formerly known as Dow Corning 832, is a single component, neutral cure, low odor, multi-surface adhesive sealant used to bond and seal a wide variety of substrates where unprimed adhesion or non-corrosive sealant is required. The typical applications well suited for this product includes sealing and repairing gutters, roof penetrations, marine equipment, windows,…

  • David Sheplavy Receives Henkel Sales Pro of the Year 2017

    Denver – April 02, 2018 – Krayden Inc. is delighted to reveal that our Technical Sales Representative David Sheplavy has been presented the “2017 Henkel Sales Pro of the Year Award.” This esteemed award shows his unsettled reliability, work ethic, and his devotion to provide the leading technical support when aiding his clients. The Henkel…

  • Loctite EA 9360

    Buy Loctite 9360 Loctite 9360 is an epoxy paste adhesive, that is two component,high peel strength at room temperature with tensile lap shear strength at 107 to 121 degrees Celsius. This advanced material is low slump and will cure at room temperature. It provides excellent static stress durability and the service temperature is 107 degrees…

  • Loctite HY 4070 Hybrid Ultra-Fast Adhesive

    Loctite HY 4070 hybrid ultra-fast adhesive is a two component versatile instant adhesive that bonds together plastics, rubbers, and metals. With a powerful combination of speed and strength, Loctite HY 4070 solves virtually any repair challenge, when time is limited. It is able to rapidly bond a variety of substrates with high strength performance. The…

  • Elantas PDG Conathane EN-1556 Polyurethane Encapsulant

    Elantas EN-1556 is a non-MBOCA, polyurethane material that is specifically designed for potting, encapsulating and molding for electrical connectors, printed circuitry, harness breakouts, and cable end seals. This material is also capable of molding or casting mechanical parts and lining material for chutes, pumps and conveyors. The advanced polyurethane resin also meets or exceeds the…

  • Dow Corning 170 Silicone Elastomer

    The low cost silicone based elastomer, Dow Corning 170 is a 2-part, black, general purpose encapsulant.  This silicone has good flowability, is flame resistant and also comes in a fast cure form.  Some benefits of Sylgard 170 are the flexibility in curing, offering room temperature or heat accelerated options, it has moderate thermal conductivity, is…

  • Loctite EA 9309.3NA AERO

    Loctite 9309.3 is a two-part, high strength, toughened, epoxy paste adhesive. This advanced material has high peel strength, good environmental resistance and it contains 5 mil/0.13 mm glass beads to control the bondline thickness. It is well suited for bonding metal skins and honeycomb core to yield tough permanently flexible joints resistant to most fluids.…