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Published on Aug 16, 2016

Dow Corning EA-5151 Quick in Connect Adhesive is a single component, low- odor, silicone adhesive that requires no primers to bond strongly with most common substrates. This adhesive utilizes silicone technology to achieve instant green strength when dispensed and it will cure to a strong silicone adhesive. Dow Corning EA-5151 is specifically designed for automotive electronics

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Features and Benefits of Dow Corning EA-5151 QiC
– Low VOCs
– Low odor
– Instant adhesion for immediate handling of components
– Room temperature or moisture cure
– Chemical, water, and dust proofing capabilities
– Reliable performance
– Shock absorption and impact resistance
– Extended open times
– Enables new design capabilities
– UV inspection of adhesive bead for quality control
– Greater performance from less material
– Adhesion strength increases after 3 days
– Improves throughput time
– Reduces material waste
– Adhesion strength unaffected by substrate material of construction
– No skin-sensitizing isocyanates