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Products that improve our
customers’ applications.

Using vertical raw material position, technical expertise, and flexible
process capabilities, Vantage adds value by derivatizing fatty acids
through alkoxylation and esterification to make products that improve
our customers’ applications.

About Vantage

Petroferm BIOACT 145

BIOACT 145 Precision Cleaner


Vantage is a technically advanced specialty chemical manufacturer. Providing high performance cleaning chemicals for over 25 years, Vantage has been meeting the increasing demands of manufacturing operations by implementing advanced engineered products. They manufacture and supply safe cleaning products that are suited for use in spray-in-air, immersion, ultrasonic and vapor degreasing equipment. Products are sold under BIOACT, AXAREL, CleanSafe, ScaleSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM, RE-ENTRY AND SOLVAG trade names ranging from simple cleaning products to advanced multi-stage cleaning systems. Vantage Specialty Chemicals Offers over 1000 different products for a variety of industries including aerospace, electronics, medical devices and precision metals.

Lenium GS Vapor Degreasing Solvent

Lenium GS Vapor designed to remove difficult soils including adhesives, greases, hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, oils, sealants, waxes.


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    Vantage CleanSafe 686 Aqueous Cleaner

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    Vantage Medical Cleaning Selection Guide


  • Krayden Awarded Vantage 2016 North America Distributor of the Year

    Denver-March 2017–Krayden is excited to announce that Vantage Specialty Chemicals has awarded Krayden for the second consecutive year, The North America Distributor of the Year 2016. It is awarded to a distributor that displays excellent customer service and sales performance for Vantage products for the year. The Vantage North America Distributor of the Year 2016…

  • Krayden Awarded Vantage 2015 North America Distributor of the Year

    Denver-March 2016-Krayden Inc., a global leader in the distribution of engineered materials is very pleased to announce Vantage has named Krayden as a recipient of the 2015 North America Distributor of the Year. This distinguished award demonstrates Krayden’s remarkable distribution performance for Vantage products throughout the year. The Vantage North America Distributor of the Year…

  • Petroferm Changes Name to Vantage Specialties, Inc.

    Krayden is excited to announce that Petroferm officially changed their name to Vantage Specialties, Inc. Gurnee, IL (July 20, 2015): Lambent Technologies and Petroferm are now Vantage Specialties, Inc. We would like to announce that Lambent Technologies and Petroferm officially changed their names to Vantage Specialties, Inc. The name change signifies the unification of all…

  • Vantage Lenium GS Vapor

    Buy Petroferm Lenium GS Vapor Petroferm Lenium GS Vapor is a mixture based on n-propyl bromide and stabilizers that is formulated to be used in open-top and vacuum vapor degreasers. It is a general metal cleaner that replaces TCE, HCFC-141b, HCFC-225, PCE and methylene chloride. The advance liquid degreaser will remove buffing compounds, drawing oils,…

  • BIOACT 280

    Buy BIOACT 280 BIOACT 280 is a bio-based, semi-aqueous precision cleaner formulated to perform in heated immersion applications. It will quickly dissolve microcrystalline plating, paraffinic wax as well as thermoplastic fixturing waxes. This low toxicity, high precision cleaner removes high melting soils while replacing vapor degreasing and hot oil. BIOACT 280 Precision Cleaner is non-corrosive…

  • Petroferm BIOACT 145

    Buy BIOACT 145 Petroferm’s BIOACT 145 is a high precision cleaner formulated to remove a variety of soils by hand-wipe cleaning applications or complete immersion. This high quality chemical is a blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons and a non-linear alcohol to provide quick evaporation, low odor, fast dry time, high cleaning performance and non-volatile residues. BIOACT 145…

  • Petroferm’s BIOACT EC-88 High Performance Inline Defluxer Outperforms the Rest

    Aqueous inline defluxing remains a popular method for the effective removal of all types of flux residues (RMA, RA, No Clean, OA and Water Soluble) from electronics. The large footprint (13-24 feet) of the traditional washers employed in this cleaning process has prevented its installation in numerous facilities. Austin America Technology recently introduced to the…


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