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Technomelt low-pressure molding solutions deliver superior sealing adhesion and
excellent temperature and solvent resistance. Technomelt low-pressure molding offers
measurable improvement because the entire operation takes place at lower pressure,
cycle time is short and fragile circuitry is not damaged

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Technomelt Thermally Conductive Material

Keep it cool with Technomelt Thermally Conductive Material


Henkel’s innovative line of TECHNOMELT solutions delivers advanced sealing adhesion and solvent/temperature resistance. The low pressure molding materials also deliver outstanding electrical insulation and allow for a unique design that goes far beyond fit, form and function of traditional encapsulating materials. The simplicity of TECHNOMELT is a key advantage: Operation takes place at low pressure, cycle times are short, and delicate circuitry is not damaged, delivering measurable improvements over traditional encapsulating processes. It is the ultimate hot mold polyamide that protects electronics from the harshest environments including UV exposure, extreme thermal cycling, and high humidity.

Technomelt Circuit Protection

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  • David Sheplavy Receives Henkel Sales Pro of the Year 2017

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    Loctite 3979 Translucent Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive Loctite 3979 is a single component, UV-visible light cure, acrylic adhesive designed for medical bonding applications. This advanced material fluoresces red under UV light and cures rapidly by being exposed to UV light or visible light of the appropriate wavelength. Loctite 3979 uncured appearance is translucent to hazy…

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    Technomelt AS 8998 Hot Melt Adhesive A new and efficient masking technique for conformal coating processes, Technomelt AS 8998 is a silicone free, halogen free, hot melt adhesive. This innovative material can be applied precisely using automated dispensing systems reducing process time and labor costs. It offers an ultra-fast processing and solidification time and it…

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    Innovative Low-Pressure Molding Technology   As the electronics industry continues to grow, the requirement for electronics manufacturers to effectively protect the fragile parts that make up their products grows as well. As a result of this trend, Low Pressure Molding (LPM) has become an increasingly popular alternative to most traditional potting processes. This advanced method…


    Henkel’s TECHNOMELT AS 4226 Low-Pressure Moldable Hot Melt Henkel has produced the transparent TECHNOMELT AS 4226 that uses Synthetic Copolymer technology as a solution for molding applications that require optical clarity. This low-pressure molding material offers ease-of-use, and can accommodate sensitive components and circuitry. TECHNOMELT AS 4226 is a practical one-component substitute for the traditional…

  • Bonderite C-AK 4181 Metal Pretreatment Alkaline Cleaner

    Henkel’s BONDERITE C-AK 4181 Industrial Alkaline Cleaner Bonderite C-AK 4181 is a grainy mix that has been designed to effectively eliminate paint, shop soils, rust, and light scale from parts found in jet engines through immersion techniques. This white powder is used in metal pretreatment processes and remains non-flammable when in powdered or solution form.…

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    Loctite EA 9320NA Two Component Epoxy Paste Adhesive Loctite EA 9320NA is a high peel, two component paste adhesive with excellent resistance to elevated temperatures. This innovative epoxy adhesive is room temperature cure and it meets the requirements of MMM-A-132 Type 1 Class 2. If accelerated cure is needed, it is possible with this material.…

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