Krayden Services

A solution for any problem is a logical sequence of steps.

Krayden’s solution begins with premier product lines, expert advice and custom services to help develop your project.

Custom Formulation helping in the development of products meeting your specifications



Product modification is required by many industries and is a service that is provided by Krayden Inc. With the experience and advanced knowledge of the adhesives and sealants we distribute, Krayden has the ability to modify the cure speed, texture, hardness color and viscosity to meet the exact specifications. The modification service will be done quickly and cost-effectively allowing projects to move along with ease. Read more…

Custom labeling and barcoding for stress free management of inventory



Custom labeling and proper documentation is an important service that Krayden offers. We will help deliver accurate product specifications and warnings needed to allow for hassle free-free inventory management. Our labeling service will meet the precise requirements of our customers and can be customized to fit your needs. Custom labeling Krayden offers includes lot number, customer part number, customer name, storage information, PO number, shelf life, and expiration date. Documentation offered includes Certificate of Conformance, Certificates or Origin and NAFTA, SDS and TDS Sheets, Certifications and Manufacturer Test Reports. Read more…

Custom repackaging adhesives, sealants and coatings



We offer a variety of packaging options for all of our specialty chemicals. Our repackaging service delivers numerous benefits by enhancing product performance, lowering cost, and creating more options for our customers. We take your needs and develop a cost-effective solution that will meet and exceed your specifications. Our service is ANAB and ORI accredited and is offered for users or resellers. The custom chemical repackaging formats we offer include:

  • Metal and Plastic tube filling
  • Barrier and Injection
  • SemKit Filling
  • Syringe Filling
  • Clip-Paks
  • Syringe Filling
  • Clip-Paks

Read more…

Inventory is always monitored ensuring no stock-outs



Krayden’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) is specialized to meet the demands of our customers. Our Technical Representatives will assist with establishing inventory reorder levels and upon reaching re-order points, a replenishment PO is generated. The many benefits of our managed inventory include order entry error reductions, better fill rates to customer and reduced stock outs. The way Krayden manages our inventory allows a fast and efficient way to provide the customer the correct product when it is needed. Read more…

Custom Fabrication solutions and quality materials for manufacturing



Krayden’s custom fabrication offers high quality products from our suppliers that range from film adhesives, thermal management material, getter materials, tapes, films and foils. We take all of those materials and customize them using our services which include die cutting, Form-in-place gasketing, kitting, laminating, laser cutting, slitting and sheeting. All orders are thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to ensure quality. Read more…

Plasma Technology is a key enabler for micro fine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating



Krayden Inc. is now providing surface treatment solutions using plasma technology. With a versatile range of plasma applications, there are always new and innovative surface modification products being created. These products are capable of enhancing productivity; improve product features and lower production cost. Read more…

Premiere Customer Service

Krayden, Inc. attributes most of its success to premiere customer service. With our diligent warehouse associates, a dedicated inventory management team, and driven customer service representatives, our clientele have always been and will continue to be placed first at Krayden, Inc.

Expert Advice

Our technical representatives are ready to work with you throughout the design, testing, and manufacturing process. With full knowledge of cutting edge products and hands on supplier training, they are well equipped to take on any challenge. Our Representatives also have access to hundreds of Technical Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, Material Certification, and informational product brochures.

Error Free Shipping

A consistently emphasized mantra that error elimination through constant communication with our customers, increased awareness of quality control, and a commitment to simply getting it right the first time has retained our client’s faith in Krayden, Inc. as a first choice distributor.



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