Permabond Structural Adhesives for Vehicle Conversions

Vehicle converters and specialist vehicle producers use structural adhesives
for challenging applications, often bonding dissimilar materials in high-stress
environments where there could be vibration and peel stresses on the joint,
broad temperature ranges, impact, and heavy wear and tear.

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Permabond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Permabond Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Learn more about all the Cyanoacrylate Adhesives offered by Permabond


Permabond specializes in adhesive compounds from Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylate, two part epoxies, single rapid curing as well as UV light curable. These products are engineered from state of the art equipment meeting the demands of industries such as aerospace, marine, medical, automotive and many more.

Permabond Metal Bonding

Permabond Metal Bonding

Metal bonding from Permabond
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    Permabond A131 Anaerobic Threadsealant

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    Permabond 102 Cyanoacrylate

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    Permabond Adhesives for Composites

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    Permabond 101Cyanoacrylate

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    Permabond Adhesives for Electric Motors and Coils

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    Permabond Automotive Adhesive Solutions


  • Epibond 1559 Epoxy Adhesive

    For jobs requiring rapid repair, Epibond 1559-1 A/B and C/D are an ideal choice for epoxy adhesives due to their quick set times, particularly at colder temperatures. These adhesives are both self-extinguishing pastes that are made up of two separate parts and are suitable for a multitude of bonding applications. Epibond 1559-1 A/B and C/D…

  • Dow Corning TC-3040

    Dow Corning TC-3040 Thermally Conductive Gel Dow Corning TC-3040 is a single-component, heat curable, thermally conductive gel used in microelectronics thermal interface applications. This product exhibits high thermal conductivity, has improved heat dissipation, and enables reliable performance. It offers versatile curing options and is composed of polydimethylsiloxane. Application methods include manual or automated. The color…

  • Fastweld 10 A/B Epoxy Adhesive

    Huntsman Fastweld 10 A/B Rapid Setting Epoxy Adhesive Suitable for repair work and bonding small parts, Fastweld 10 is great for general purpose shop applications. This rapid-setting epoxy adhesive offers a user-friendly one-to-one mix ratio by volume or weight. The two-component paste is able to create strong bonds in a short period of time. Huntsman’s…

  • Loctite 3979 Light Cure Adhesive

    Loctite 3979 Translucent Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive Loctite 3979 is a single component, UV-visible light cure, acrylic adhesive designed for medical bonding applications. This advanced material fluoresces red under UV light and cures rapidly by being exposed to UV light or visible light of the appropriate wavelength. Loctite 3979 uncured appearance is translucent to hazy…

  • Loctite 5404 Silicone Adhesive

    Loctite 5404 Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive For bonding circuit board substrates, metallic heat sinks, and ceramic chips, Loctite 5404 is an ideal selection for an adhesive. This silicone based adhesive was designed for applications that include bonding numerous different types of devices that generate heat to their corresponding heat sinks. This product offers low resistance…

  • HumiSeal 1C49HVF Silicone Encapsulant

    HumiSeal 1C49HVF Solvent-Free Silicone Encapsulant   Demonstrating excellent flexibility, HumiSeal 1C49HVF is a solvent-free and VOC-free silicone encapsulant designed to protect printed circuit assemblies from moisture and other environmental elements. This material fluoresces under UV light, making it easy to inspect and it is repairable. HumiSeal 1C49HVF is a high build, moisture curing encapsulant, and…

  • Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive for Automotive Assembly

    Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive for Automotive Assembly Automotive electronics have been following a trend towards becoming slimmer and more complex with small parts that are needed to be assembled quickly with high durability. Silicone hot melt adhesives for automotive electronics are formulated to support to speed up production cycles and to support new designs. These…

  • Cytec Conathane EN-2550 Polyurethane Resin System

    Cytec Conathane EN-2550 Polyurethane Resin System Cytec Conathane EN 2550 has been designed for encapsulating or potting electronic devices, as well as casting high-voltage transformers. This two-part polyurethane resin system displays good working life, minimum processing hazards, and great handling properties at room temperature. Without forming voids, Cytec Conathane EN 2550 can be cured at…

  • Plexus MA320 Methacrylate Adhesive

    Plexus MA320 Methacrylate Adhesive for Structural Bonding Designed for structural bonding of metal, composite, and thermoplastic assemblies, Plexus MA320 is a methacrylate adhesive that serves as an ideal selection for composite bonding applications. Due to its need for virtually no surface preparation, this adhesive is well suited for use in the engineering construction, marine, and…

  • Cytec EN-2521

    Cytec Conathane EN-2521 Polyurethane Resin System Ideal for potting applications where exceptional performance is required in temperatures ranging from -65 to 130°C, Cytec EN-2521 is a two component, filled polyurethane resin system. It is an excellent choice for encapsulation of strain sensitive circuitry, modules, coils, and transformers. This innovative product offers good electrical properties and…

  • Dow Corning 3110 RTV Elastomeric Replication

    Dow Corning 3110 RTV Silicone Moldmaking Rubber Dow Corning 3110, 3112 and 3120 are easy to use silicone mold making rubbers with adjustable cure times. With low mixed viscosity, these two-part RTV rubbers can reproduce intricate details and work in an extensive range of service temperatures. The suggested applications for these materials include encapsulation as…

  • Permabond 792

    Permabond has engineered an extremely quick setting adhesive that demonstrates a rapid development of high strength. Permabond 792 is proven easy to use, requiring no heat cure or mixing, and works on almost all surfaces. This material is 100% reactive, and it is not suggested for use in contact with polar solvents or strong oxidizing…

  • Technomelt AS 8998

    Technomelt AS 8998 Hot Melt Adhesive A new and efficient masking technique for conformal coating processes, Technomelt AS 8998 is a silicone free, halogen free, hot melt adhesive. This innovative material can be applied precisely using automated dispensing systems reducing process time and labor costs. It offers an ultra-fast processing and solidification time and it…

  • Dow Corning TC-4026

    The innovative Dow Corning TC-4026 is a two component, 1 to 1 mix ratio, thermally conductive dispensable pad. It is suitable as a thermal interface material used for cooling electronic devices in LED lamps luminaries, consumer and automotive applications. Dow Corning TC-4026 can be screen printed or dispensed into a variety of shapes. The dispensable…

  • Araldite 2040 A/B

    Araldite 2040 A/B is a two component, low shrinkage, flexible polyurethane adhesive. This advanced material is well suited for bonding polycarbonate, polyamides as well as primed metals. It has excellent gap filling properties and the material is ideal for thick bondlines. The product is specifically designed to be used as a structural adhesive and it…

  • Loctite Ablestik 2902

    TRA-DUCT 2902 is a two component, thermally conductive, solvent-free, room temperature cure material formulated for electronic bonding and sealing applications that require a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties. The advance material has high adhesion and will bond to a variety of substrates. Some of the typical assembly applications include electrical modules, printed circuitry,…

  • Dow Corning TC-2035

    Dow Corning TC-2035 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Products: Buy Dow Corning TC-2035 A/B Kit 3.26 Buy Dow Corning TC-2035 A/B Kit 50 KG Adhesive Dow Corning TC 2035 is a two component, heat cure, thermally conductive silicone with low bond line thickness. The innovative material offers high thermal conductivity and it adheres to a wide variety…

  • HumiSeal 1C51 Silicone Conformal Coating

    For coating applications that require quick thermal curing, HumiSeal 1C51 is ideal. Perfect for spraying and dipping, this single component, low viscosity coating demonstrates great flexibility. HumiSeal 1C51 is VOC-free, has a long pot life, and is silicone based. This conformal coating contains an optical brightener that improves the ability to inspect the material under…

  • HumiSeal 1C49LVF Silicone Conformal Coating

    If you are seeking a source for outstanding protection against moisture and environmental elements for printed circuit assemblies, look no further than HumiSeal 1C49LVF. This conformal coating is silicone-based, and VOC solvent-free. HumiSeal 1C49LVF is moisture curing, repairable, flexible, has a low viscosity, and fluoresces under UV light when an inspection is required. This material…

  • Epocast 52-A/B Epoxy Laminating System

    Epocast 52 A/B is an epoxy laminating system designed to fabricate and repair graphite composites. This product combines great hot-wet strength and low-temperature vacuum bag curing capability. This two-part material is built for service up to 350°F and is qualified to specs including the following: AIMS 08-01-002-01, AIMS 08-02-002-01, and BMS 8-301, Class 1, and…

  • Araldite AV 8504 Resin/ TDT 177-27 Hardener

    If you need material that delivers high bond strength, great sag resistance, and all around toughness, Huntsman Araldite AV 8504 Epoxy Adhesive is a great choice. This two component system can be cured at elevated temperatures as well as at room temperature. Once this resin/ hardener is fully cured, it will provide nothing short of…

  • Huntsman CG-1305 A/B Epoxy Syntactic

    Huntsman CG-1305 A/B is a pourable, medium density resin/ hardener system that has been designed to aid in creating strong and durable reinforcements throughout aircraft production. The use of this material is not limited to aircraft production, and can also be utilized in other industrial applications that require a low weight, high-strength resin system. Due…

  • Huntsman Araldite 2012 Multipurpose Epoxy Paste Adhesive

    Araldite 2012 is a low shrinkage, fast-curing structural adhesive that has been designed to bond an extensive selection of ceramics, metals, rigid plastics, glass, rubbers, and much more. This adhesive is a great general purpose paste that proves itself tough and resilient when bonding a wide variety of materials. From industrial to craftsman’s applications, Araldite…

  • All New Dow Corning TC-4515

    The all new Dow Corning TC-4515 is a soft and compressible material that offers dependable cooling performance in automotive electronic components. The properties contained within this material are able to remain stable during typical environmental exposure. Dow Corning TC-4515 is designed specifically to remove heat from the heat source by dissipating it to the cold…

  • NanoSlic NS 110 Coating

    New High Performance NanoSlic NS 110 Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Coating NanoSlic NS 110 is a revolutionary permanent Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Coating designed to be applied surfaces to convey a unique range of properties. This innovative product is based on a FCT’s Hybrid-Technology. It is an advance coating that chemically bonds to surfaces forming a hydrophobic/oleophobic…


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