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Huntsman is a leading global chemical solutions provider with a long heritage of pioneering technologically advanced epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products. The company’s history dates back to 1758, when J.R. Geigy Ltd., the oldest chemical company in Switzerland, began trading in chemicals and dyes. Today, Huntsman’s legacy of technological innovation, and applications expertise, provides more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries with reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions that address engineering challenges across a broad range of industries. Their expertise in high-performance adhesives and composites enable them to develop products and solutions formulated to satisfy your specific project requirements.

For over 60 years, Huntsman Engineering Adhesives have been preferred by customers worldwide for tough bonding applications. Today, their high-performance epoxies, polyurethanes, and methacrylates, continue to provide users with outstanding performance, as well as easy handling and processing. Structural bonding techniques play a critical role in today’s engineering excellence. As designers and engineers strive to bring lightweight and durable products to market within the shortest possible time frame, they are increasingly turning to engineering adhesives to solve complex design issues. Huntsman Engineering Adhesives are well suited for use on metals, rigid and engineering thermoplastics, thermoset plastics and composites, rubber, ceramic, glass and other substrate combinations.

In the Aerospace market, leading aircraft manufacturing companies have used Huntsman’s versatile adhesives and edge/void fillers to assemble and repair the interior and exterior of aircraft components. The majority of these materials are qualified to Boeing, Airbus, Goodrich, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Bell, Rohr and other OEM specifications and are included as approved repair materials in Structural Repair Manuals and Service Bulletins. Many of the epoxies and polyurethanes are flame retardant and exhibit the low flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics required to comply with regulations such as FAR 25.853 that govern materials used in large civil aircraft.

Huntsman develops innovative solutions that meet the high product standards set forth by the industry and federal regulations that govern the performance properties of materials used in aircraft. Huntsman products are used in the following applications:

• Component bonding
• Edge close out
• Insert bonding
• Insert potting
• Panel bonding
• Panel forming

For the Power Transmission & Generation Market, Huntsman offers insulating thermoset materials for motors, generators, switchgears, distribution and instrument transformers. Their comprehensive product portfolio consists of high-performance epoxy-based and polyurethane-based systems which are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and thus offer an environmentally safer alternative to solvent-borne systems. Their products are designed to provide an extended service life and meet specific industry requirements for electrical insulation in indoor and outdoor environments.  In addition, many of their products are suitable for high temperature or sub zero service conditions.

List of Huntsman Materials Public Library
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