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Molykote Lubricants

Over 60 years Molykote has been providing customers with superior lubricants for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, general industrial, appliances, office equipment and many more. These lubricants are engineered for optimum lubrication providing energy saving solutions. Molykote is a brand of Dow Corning, providing high performing lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide, expanding to mineral oils and synthetic grease.

Molykote Industrial Lubricants

Specialty lubricants in the automotive industry help prevent component failures, decreasing warranty repair and increasing customer satisfaction. Molykote provides automotive lubricants in greases, compounds, pastes, lubricating solids and anti-friction coatings. One popular form of lubrication is grease, which is formulated to provide lubrication on all sorts of automotive materials. It has the capability to resist a wide range of temperatures, while providing excellent lubrication under extreme loads. High performing fluorinated grease is resistant to degradation from oils and fuels. Molykote compounds are grease-like silicone lubricants. These compounds resist high and low temperatures, while having the capabilities to act as a sealant or release agent between elastomers and metals. Molykote specialty lubricants designed for the automotive industry have many benefits including:

  • Reduced noise and vibration for driving comfort
  • Enhanced performance by providing long-term lubrication
  • Safety by keeping components working as they were designed
  • Reliability by operating in extreme temperatures and conditions

Molykote specialty lubricants from Dow Corning provide a reliable high performance material that has propelled the auto industry. From powertrains, brakes, vehicle interior and electronics lubrication, Molykote lubricants will meet all the requirements and challenges.

It is crucial in providing high quality lubricants to the aerospace and aviation industries. Whether there is a need for lubricants that perform in the air, stratosphere and space, Molykote has engineered specialty lubricants to meet all of the strict demands with no margin of error. These precise lubricants are formulated to endure incredible stresses and different environmental conditions while withstanding and wide range of temperatures. Innovation and technological advances have made Molykote very enduring lubricant that can withstand a variety of stresses.

Molykote industrial lubricants have designed food and beverage grade lubricants that conform to requirements under H-1 or H-2 designations of the USDA. These lubricants resist emulsification with water. H-1 lubricants have a service range of -60 to 150 degrees Celsius and H-2 is -60 to 250 degrees Celsius. They are formulated to provide the best quality from freezer to oven. A popular industrial lubricant is Molykote 111, this lubricant is designed for control and pressure plug valves. It has excellent water resistance, low vapor pressure, with a service temperature of -40 to 200 degrees Celsius.  Molykote offers the most complete line of engineered fluids and lubricants from any supplier worldwide.

Dow Corning Molykote lubricants are innovative products used for a variety of applications in many different industries. With their technology based philosophy and inclination to meet the standards and demands of their customers, they are able to provide high quality state-of-the-art products. As a Dow Corning distributor, Krayden Inc. has the capability to provide experienced tech support and incredible customer service to help in finding their quality products.

Molykote Products

Dow Corning Molykote D Paste 16 OZ 454 GM
Dow Corning Molykote HP300 500 GM
Dow Corning Molykote E Paste 20 KG Pail
Dow Corning Molykote E Paste 180KG Drum
Dow Corning Molykote 33 Medium 400 GM CRT
Dow Corning Molykote Z Powder 22.6 KG
Dow Corning Molykote Z Powder 10 OZ
Dow Corning Molykote 3400A 20.KG HZ
Dow Corning Molykote 3400A 2.2LB can(HZ
Dow Corning Molykote AG-650 16KG pail
Dow Corning 7409 5 KG Pail Molykote
Dow Corning 7409 AFC EC 500 G CAN Molykote


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