Building on 73 Years of
Shared History

Dow Corning’s silicones business is now a fully owned subsidiary of The
Dow Chemical Company, bringing a new element of growth to Dow. The
integration will combine the highly complementary strengths of each
company’s people, technology, and solutions. The integration was finalized
on June 1, 2016.

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Dow Corning EA-7100 Silicone Adhesive

Dow Corning EA-7100 Silicone Adhesive for Automotive Electronics.


Established in 1943 developing and exploring the potential of silicone, Dow Corning has become a global leader in innovated silicone technologies. With experience and innovation, they have produced more than 7,000 products under Xiameter, Molykote, Sylgard and Dow Corning brands.

Dow Corning’s progress towards advanced silicone products is based on research and development producing technologically advanced materials for a variety of industries. Dow Corning provides silicone adhesives, sealants, conformal coatings, potting and encapsulants for a wide variety of industries which include automotive, electronics, general industrial, solar, aerospace and many more.

Dow Corning EA-4600 Silicone Hot Melt

Dow Corning EA-4600 Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive formulated for electronic assembly applications.


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    Dow Corning Silicone Products for LED Streetlights

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    Dow Corning Silicone Sealants for Industrial Assembly and Maintenance

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    Dow Corning Silicone for LED Lighting

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    Dow Corning Silicone for Smart Meters

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    Dow Corning EA-7100 Adhesive Brochure

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    Dow Corning Advanced Silicone Materials for Electric Vehicle Electronics

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    Dow Corning LED Thermal Management


  • Dow Corning 737 Neutral Cure Clear Sealant

    Dow Corning 737 RTV neutral cure clear sealant is a non-slumping, one-component, fast cure paste that offers the user exceptional adhesion to many plastic, glass, metal, rubber, and painted surfaces. With that connection, the adhesive doesn’t react with or corrode most plastics or metals; with a few exceptions in some not so standard applications. The…

  • Krayden Awarded Dow Corning 2016 Gold Level Distributor

    Denver – February 2017 – Krayden, a leading global distributor of engineered materials, is happy to say that Dow Corning has chosen Krayden as the recipient of the 2016 Gold Level Applied Technologies Distributor award. This notable honor exhibits Krayden’s ability to diligently achieve quality distribution over the course of the year. The Dow Corning…

  • Dow Corning TC-3040

    Dow Corning TC-3040 Thermally Conductive Gel Dow Corning TC-3040 is a single-component, heat curable, thermally conductive gel used in microelectronics thermal interface applications. This product exhibits high thermal conductivity, has improved heat dissipation, and enables reliable performance. It offers versatile curing options and is composed of polydimethylsiloxane. Application methods include manual or automated. The color…

  • Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive for Automotive Assembly

    Silicone Hot Melt Adhesive for Automotive Assembly Automotive electronics have been following a trend towards becoming slimmer and more complex with small parts that are needed to be assembled quickly with high durability. Silicone hot melt adhesives for automotive electronics are formulated to support to speed up production cycles and to support new designs. These…

  • Dow Corning 3110 RTV Elastomeric Replication

    Dow Corning 3110 RTV Silicone Moldmaking Rubber Dow Corning 3110, 3112 and 3120 are easy to use silicone mold making rubbers with adjustable cure times. With low mixed viscosity, these two-part RTV rubbers can reproduce intricate details and work in an extensive range of service temperatures. The suggested applications for these materials include encapsulation as…

  • Dow Corning TC-4026

    The innovative Dow Corning TC-4026 is a two component, 1 to 1 mix ratio, thermally conductive dispensable pad. It is suitable as a thermal interface material used for cooling electronic devices in LED lamps luminaries, consumer and automotive applications. Dow Corning TC-4026 can be screen printed or dispensed into a variety of shapes. The dispensable…

  • Dow Corning TC-2035

    Dow Corning TC-2035 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Products: Buy Dow Corning TC-2035 A/B Kit 3.26 Buy Dow Corning TC-2035 A/B Kit 50 KG Adhesive Dow Corning TC 2035 is a two component, heat cure, thermally conductive silicone with low bond line thickness. The innovative material offers high thermal conductivity and it adheres to a wide variety…

  • All New Dow Corning TC-4515

    The all new Dow Corning TC-4515 is a soft and compressible material that offers dependable cooling performance in automotive electronic components. The properties contained within this material are able to remain stable during typical environmental exposure. Dow Corning TC-4515 is designed specifically to remove heat from the heat source by dissipating it to the cold…

  • Dow Corning EA-5151 Silicone QiC Adhesive

    The new Dow Corning EA-5151 is a quick in connect silicone adhesive that has been designed to successfully achieve instant green strength once it is dispensed. This neutral cure RTV adhesive offers primerless adhesion to most surfaces including metals and plastics and requires no solvents, or ovens. Dow Corning EA-5151 allows for high throughput assemblies,…

  • Dow Corning MS-2002

    The Advanced Dow Corning MS-2002 Moldable Reflector Silicone The flexible Dow Corning MS-2002 is a reflective silicone material that allows for a more creative and effective design of light reflectors. This material provides an increased output of light which in turn improves energy efficiency. This advanced product remains stable at high temperatures and has the…

  • Krayden Seller Michael Olesen Receives Dow Corning Silver Award 2015

    Denver-April 19, 2016- The 2015 Dow Corning Silver Award is presented to Michael Olesen, a Technical Sales Representative of 4 years at Krayden Inc.  This is the second year in a row that Mr. Olesen has been honored with recognition from Dow Corning, having been awarded the Dow Corning Bronze Distributor Seller of the Year…

  • Krayden Awarded Dow Corning 2015 Gold Level Distributor

    Denver-February 2016-Krayden Inc., a global leader in the distribution of engineered materials is very pleased to announce Dow Corning has named Krayden as a recipient of the 2015 Gold Level Distributor in Electronics. This renowned award demonstrates Kraydens’s remarkable distribution performance for Dow Corning Electronic Products throughout the year. The Dow Corning Gold Level Distributor…

  • Dow Corning TC-4525

    Dow Corning TC-4525 Thermally Conductive Gap Filler will take heat out and leave performance in Dow Corning TC-4525 is a two component, room temperature cure, thermally conductive gap filler designed for automotive electronics. The innovative material has long term performance stability during temperature cycling up to 150°C, withstands peak exposure at 200°C and holds vertical…

  • Dow Corning Nominated for 2 Prestigious R&D 100 Awards for EA-7100 Adhesive

    Dow Corning EA-7100 “Market Disrupter” Krayden, Inc. is excited to see the new TRC (Thermal Radical Cure) products recently released by Dow Corning are receiving well deserved recognition.  The “R&D 100 Awards,” a program designed to honor the years most significant technology advances has nominated Dow Corning EA-7100 adhesive in two categories including the Market…

  • Molykote 316

    Molykote 316 is a clear, heat stable silicone spray release agent designed for a variety of food and industrial applications Molykote 316 is a heat stable silicone release agent designed to be used for many food and industrial applications. This advance compound reduces build-up on heat seal bars, resulting in increased heat transmission and sealing…

  • Dow Corning 7920 Die Attach Adhesive

    Dow Corning 7920 Die Attach Adhesive is a black, single component, flowable, High Strength Material Dow Corning 7920 is a single component, flowable, black, microelectronics adhesive designed with low levels of iconic impurities, low modulus and is suitable for dispensing. This advance material will absorb stress from CTE mismatch for improved reliability and performance. Its…

  • Dow Corning 2634 Coating

    Dow Corning 2634 is a clear, low viscosity, easy clean coating for glass, plastic, metal or ceramics. This advance material will have no impact on substrate appearance and it covalently bonds to glass, plastic and metal oxide surfaces. It will create an easy to clean surface with a low coefficient of friction. The product is…

  • Dow Corning Q4-2805

    Dow Corning Q4-2805 is a single component, non-curing, fuel and oil resistant fluorosilicone channel sealant Dow Corning Q4-2805 is a single component, non-curing, fuel and oil resistant fluorosilicone channel sealant primarily used for aircraft fuel tanks. The innovative material provides good tack adhesive, is unaffected by shock, vibration and thermal cycling. It contains no catalyst…

  • Dow Corning SE 4445

    Dow Corning SE 4445 is a two component, thermally conductive, thermal interface silicone gel used for potting electronic devices Dow Corning SE 4445 is a two component, gray, thermally conductive, thermal interface wet dispensed polydimethylsiloxane gel. Density of the cured material is 2.36 g/cm3 and the viscosity is 15025 cP, 15025 mPa-sec and 15 pa-sec.…

  • Molykote 41

    Molykote 41 is a silicone grease for very high temperature applications at low speeds Molykote 41 is a silicone grease that is ideal for oven conveyers, molten salt evacuation pumps, kin dollies, steam turbine regulator links, knife-edge power breakers and much more. The advance material can be used at temperatures higher than those of normal…

  • Molykote G-Rapid Plus

    Molykote G-Rapid Plus Paste is a Solid Paste Lubricant with Low Friction for the Assembly and Running in of Metallic Components. Molykote G-Rapid Plus is a paste designed for lubricating with low friction designed for running-in of metallic components and assembly. The specialty lubricant offers high pressure absorption capacity, suppresses stick-slip, provides emergency running performance…

  • Molykote EM-30L

    Molykote EM-30L Lubricating Grease Designed for Plastic Components Molykote EM-30L is a lubricating grease designed for plastic substrates. It can be used for plastic to plastic contact, metal to metal contact and plastic to metal contact. The advance product offers low seepage, so it can be used in places that cleanliness is required. It offers…

  • Dow Corning CI-2001

    Visit Dow Corning in Booth #4017 at the LightFair International 2015 NYC for more information on the all new Dow Corning CI-2001  highly reflective optical coating Dow Corning CI-2001 is single component, highly reflective optical coating for enhancing light output and efficiency with good resistance to environmental aging. The advance product will cure at room…

  • Dow Corning To Exhibit at LFI 2015!

    Bright lights. Big city. Big ideas for you. Imagine enabling brighter module design. Imagine more-reliable performance from LED lighting. Imagine simpler LED manufacturing and assembly. Come to the Big Apple to inspire your imagination and the “next big idea” for your LED lighting designs. We’re looking forward to sharing Dow Corning’s illuminating innovations™. We bring…

  • Dow Corning EA-7100 Adhesive

    The All NEW  Dow Corning EA-7100 Thermal Radical Cure Adhesive Widens Automotive Electronics Designs Dow Corning EA-7100 thermal radical cure adhesive is a non-flowing, one component silicone enabling design flexibility due to strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. The main application this material is well suited for includes automotive electronic control units, sensors,…