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07520795Dow Corning 732 is a multi-purpose industrial sealant that comes in a white, clear, black and aluminum color. It is a general purpose sealing and bonding material that is capable to bond a wide variety of metals, plastics and many other substrates. Dow Corning 732 is non-sag, one component material that adheres strongly to a variety of dry clean surfaces, and can be applied to vertical and horizontal areas. It acts in accordance with to FDA 177.2600 and MIL-A-46106A specifications.

Dow Corning 732 multiple applications include sealing formed in gaskets, name plates, marine cabins, windows, electrical boxes, vents, flutes, caulking joints in sheet metal stacks, auto trim, appliance trim and much more.

Dow Corning 732 is capable to bond a variety of substrates, but it will corrode a small amount of metallic materials due to release of acetic acid during the curing process. This high quality material has been proven in providing unprimed adhesion to a variety of substrates that don’t have good adhesion such as polypropylene, PTFE and polyethylene

Highlights of Dow Corning 732

  • Excels in Industrial Sealing of Plastics
  • RT Cure
  • FDA 177.2600
  • MIL-A-46106A
  • Non-sag
  • Bonds strongly on vertical and horizontal areas

Dow Corning 732 is a high quality silicone material with a variety of different applications. Dow Corning is a proven provider of some of the best silicone products on the market. For more information regarding Dow Corning 732, Contact Krayden Inc., Dow Corning’s premium sealant and adhesive distributors

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