Dow Corning 700 Silicone Sealant Applications

This one-part RTV silicone based rubber is weather resistant and holds up to extreme temperatures.  The 700 Industrial grade sealant cures at room temperature and will remain flexible from -76 to 350F (-60 to 177C).  Commonly used for bonding appliance parts and signs, adhering auto trim and nameplates, caulking doors and windows, and in compressors, pumps and gear boxes as a formed in place gasket. The Dow Corning 700 sealant adheres to metal, glass rubber and plastic making it ideal for general industrial sealing and adhesive applications.  The Silicone Sealant is available in tubes, pails, cartridges and drums. The availability of the packaging is dependent upon the color.  Additional information including technical data or MSDS can be obtained through Krayden, Inc. Adhesives and Sealants Distributor.

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