Dow Corning 184 Sylgard Silicone Elastomer

Dow Corning 184 Sylgard Silicone is a good moisture protection for sensitive electronics parts and this can withstand even under severe environmental conditions. Furthermore the long-lasting dielectric insulation as well as the superior vibration absorber property of Dow Corning 184 Silicone is excellent reasons to use this material. The Dow Corning 184 Sil elastic Kit is listed as MIL spec -1-81550C, and is found in the company’s MSDS.

Dow Corning manufactured 184 Sylgard Elastomer

Dow Corning 184 for moisture protection of sensitive electronics By Krayden.Inc

Application Area of DC Sylgard 184 Silicone Elastomer

The application of DowCorning 184 Silicone is not confined only to the electronics industry, but it is also used extensively in the electrical industry such as transformers, solar cells, ferrite cores, equipment modules, etc. Its intrinsic property is suitable for outdoor usage because silicone is resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays; hence, preventing pre-mature degradation.
Dow Corning, the manufacturer of 184Sylgard Elastomer, is supplying this product in 2-part separate liquid component kits, consisting of base and curing agents. When mixed thoroughly, the compound turns into a flexible elastomer. The mixing process should be done using a weight or volume ratio of 10:1.

For effective adhesion result, the surface to be applied should be cleaned systematically using an appropriate solvent prior to potting. It is recommended that surface is coated with Dow Corning 92-023 Primer or Dow Corning 1200 OS Primer. Then vacuum the encapsulation area especially for those irregular and complex shapes to prevent air entrapment before the application of Dow Corning 184 Sylgard Silicone. Also you can ask an expert regarding Dow Corning product’s application.
The Dow Corning 184 Sylgard should be cured properly using one of the following suggested schedules as follows: 24 hours at 23°C, or 4 hours at 65°C or 1 hour at 100°C. However, complete mechanical and electrical properties will only be attained after 7 days which is recommended for usage. For getting the best result and obtaining the lowest price possible you may seek our technical assistance through our local Dow Corning distributor.

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The useful life of Dow Corning 184 Silicone is dependent on its storage temperature. Thus, it is important that in buying this product it should be stored in a place where temperature is maintained at 32°C or below. This will allow the unopened containers to last for 24 months from the time it was produced. You may consult our Dow Corning distributor nearest your area for more details.

In this highly competitive business, you can’t afford to have a high overhead cost. One of the costs that can easily be trimmed down is materials inventory. Dow Corning’s Technical Representatives which are accessible from your local distributor will help you manage your inventory by setting up inventory reorder levels. Its best feature is when re-order points are reached, a restock PO is created; thus, preventing stock outs and ensuring you of the right material at the right time.
For the Health and Environmental information and to help you in your product safety requirement, Dow Corning has established Product Stewardship organization and a team of Health, Environment and Regulatory Affairs specialists. Moreover Dow Corning can help you in finding your MSDS, TDS and case histories through the online search which can be availed of from our Dow Corning local distributor.

    DOW CORNING SYLGARD 184 Divided into two part

    Base Part A contains the following:

  • Dimethyl siloxane, dimethylivinyl terminated – 68083-19-2
  • Dimethylvinylated and trimethylated silica – 68988-89-6
  • Tetra (trimethoxysiloxy) silane – 3555-47-3
  • Ethyl benzene – 100-41-4
  • VOC Content 8 grams per liter
    Curing Agent Part B contains the following:

  • Dimethyl, methylhydrogensiloxane – 68037-59-2
  • Dimethyl siloxane, dimethylvinyl terminated – 68083-19-2
  • Dimethylvinylated and trimethylated silica – 68988-89-6
  • Tetramethyltetravinylcyclotetrasiloxane – 2554-06-5
  • Ethyl benzene – 100-41-4

Maximum VOC content including water: 85 grams/liter

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