Dow Corning 1-2577 Conformal Coating For Challenging Electronic Applications

Many sensitive and challenging electronic applications necessitate proper protection of delicate circuit boards and its components. This means that the silicone which makes up the circuit board needs to be protected to preserve longer the abilities to function over widely varying temperatures, dielectric insulation, obstruct environmental contaminants and of stress and shock absorption. Dow Corning 1-2577 is a product that is used to provide protective coating to silicone, such as printed circuit boards, permeable substrates and thick film circuitry, to prevent damage to its abilities from moisture and atmospheric contaminants.

Dow Corning 1-2577 conformal coating comes in standard industrial container sizes. Generic name of this product is silicone in solvent. It is solvent borne, one part, transparent, elastoplastic silicone resin, with low to medium viscosity and has excellent dielectric properties. It also contains UV indicator and therefore turns florescent under UV light; hence its coverage is traceable. Dow Corning 1-2577 provides both RTV based cure and brisk heat cure option as well. The use of this product leads to a tough and abrasion resistant surface.

In order to get best results from Dow Corning 1-2577, the surface on which it is to be applied should be cleaned and dried beforehand. This conformal coating liquid silicone can be applied on the required surface in a variety of ways; one can spray, dip, brush or flow the coat. One can make use of a hand held spray gun for low volume applications after diluting the liquid by using xylene or toluene, or one can also use automated equipment for applying the conformal coat after diluting it with PMA.

Dow Corning 1-2577 can be cured at room temperature around 72 hours after application of 0.1mm thickness at temperatures around 23°C or higher and with 50% humidity. Higher temperatures speed up the curing process hence, one can speed this process with or without the use of a catalyst. Curing without catalyst requires oven care for 10 minutes at 80°C after a 10 minute left over period at room temperature. The use of catalysts Dow Corning 176 Catalyst and Dow Corning 9076 Catalyst reduces tack time and improves solvents resistance; sufficient time is required for solvent vapor evaporation before exposing it to higher temperature.

This “silicone in liquid” is greenish yellow in color and has a strong odor to it. No immediate life-threatening reactions are known to its overexposure to skin, eye or inhalation. Upon direct contact with eye rinse it gently with water for few minutes with lukewarm water and upon over exposure to skin leading to severe irritation, remove contaminated clothing and flush the affected area with lukewarm water. Seek medical attention as subjective to the person’s medical condition and exposure.

This easy to use, easy to handle and minutely hazardous to health product is under the trademark of Dow Corning Corporation, which is renowned for providing effective industrial solutions to its customers all over the world. Dow Corning has become a worldwide leader in development of solutions for silicone based industrial applications and output.

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