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Buy silicone products, searching our ONLINE CATALOG. Our product lines include; silicone compounds, dielectric silicone, silicone thermal and more. We know silicone, if you have any technical questions please contact us!

As one of the leading silicone distributors, our technical knowledge has helped us become one of the leading Dow Distributors being name Distributor of the Year for the third year in a row. Find more information on silicone compounds, silicone dielectric greases, conductive greases, silicone thermal, RTV sealants and other related silicone products on our Dow Corning page.

List of available products:
silicone rubbers
silicone seal
rubber products
silicone glue
silicone oil
silicone greases
rubber seals
white grease
dielectric grease
heat compound
white lithium grease
heat sink compound
lubricating oil
synthetic grease
silicone coatings
silicone tube
silicone fluids
high temperature silicon
dielectric silicone
high temp grease
silicone coating
silicone paint
conductive grease
conductive silicone
silicone spray lubricant
rtv silicone caulk
lubricant grease
silicone resin
silicone o ring
rubber lubricant
super lube grease
temperature resistant silicone
plumbers grease
lubricating grease
silicone rubber sheet
industrial grease
clear silicone sealant
silicone thermal grease
o ring grease
heat sink silicone
dielectric silicone grease
dow silicone grease
transparent silicone rubber
silicone o ring grease
dow silicone oil
silicone oils
plumbers silicone grease
thermally conductive silicone
silicone sponge rubber
silicone oil spray
silicone grease uses
dow 111 silicone grease
silicone grease lubricant
silicone brake grease
brake grease silicone
silicone grease msds
silicone vacuum grease
silicone grease for o rings
shin-etsu silicone grease
silicone based grease
silicone grease tube
silicone damping fluid
white silicone grease
silicone grease spray
super lube silicone grease
high temp silicone grease
servisol silicone grease
dow corning

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