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jaro_05AHuntsman manufactures some of the most advanced electrical insulation materials in the industry. Arathane 5750 is a very popular product because it is a high quality urethane conformal coating with a variety of applications. The main purpose of this conformal coating is to act a protective coating for printed circuit boards and other electronic components.  Arathane 5750 is Mil spec MIL-I-46058C approved and IPC CC 830 Amendment 1 Type UR class 3 approved.

Arathane 5750 is a soft, two component, translucent urethane composite designed for insulating printed circuit boards and electronic components. This innovative conformal coating can be dipped, sprayed and spread on printed wiring boards. Once cured, Arathane 5750 LV exhibits extremely low outgassing properties important for high vacuum environments and outer space.  Arathane 5750 A is supplied in an amber liquid and Arathane B is supplied as a translucent liquid. The material is easily repairable and has a low modulus.

Arathane 5750 A/B exhibits excellent deterioration resistance under extreme temperatures and high humidity conditions. At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, this conformal coating becomes tack free after 24 hours and it will fully cure within 7 days of application. The higher the temperature, the quicker the material will cure. This information is based on two coatings of 1.5 millimeters each, dipped using an epoxy laminate circuit board. This high quality conformal coating is specially designed to be used on electronic devices for the aerospace industry.

It is essential to know the proper application process and the dangers of using Arathane 5750 conformal coating. These liquids are extremely flammable and are moisture sensitive. It is important to store in a dry place between the temperatures of 25 to -40 degrees Celsius in its original container. Shelf life of Arathane 5750 LV will be 6 months from the day of shipping. A long exposure to low temperatures of Arathane part A may cause crystallization. It must be transformed back into a liquid form by heating it up to 50 degrees Celsius. Anything higher than 50 degrees Celsius will be an extreme fire and explosion hazard.

Huntsman Arathane 5750 is a conformal coating formulated with the most innovative polyurethane material provided in the industry. Huntsman is a global leader in providing progressive knowledge in formulating and engineering conformal coatings for the aerospace industry. Huntsman Arathane 5750 LV is an extremely high performance conformal coating that can be used on a variety of electronic components. For more information regarding the sizes or the application of Arathane 5750, please contact Krayden, Inc. Huntsman certified adhesive and sealant distributers.

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